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  • Krunoslav: Indeed. Weather is supposed to be still changeable. Petersburg is at the same latitude as Anchorage , Alaska. It can be spring... 7:32 AM
  • Will: It was rippled (I THINK it was supposed to suggest the mountains they both want to escape to) and it was somewhat oval in plan... 6:16 AM
  • Cocky Kurwenal: The chorus refers to it being May in the first scene, I believe. 6:03 AM
  • Rowna: Singers fudge their official age, but Baltsa is somewhere in her 70’s. Officially 72. I only listened to part of the gala.... 5:43 AM
  • Big Finn: Isokoski has given her opera stage farewell, ir was in Vienna. She is quite active in giving recitals. I heard her in recital... 2:11 AM
  • danpatter: What a terrific video, and what a thrilling singer she was. Thanks for posting that. 12:27 AM
  • La Cieca: But he does all this while under the influence of nothing stronger than wine. The only “happy dust” Michele knows... 12:22 AM
  • mia apulia: too bad it’s been so long since Isokaski has sung at the Met–I see she’s still quite busy (http://www.ope... 12:11 AM

Free Anna

Bel canto fanciers, diva fanatics and freebie queens alike will be delighted to hear that the Met is offering 2,500 gratis tickets to the September 22 open dress rehearsal of Donizetti’s Anna Bolena, starring Anna Netrebko in the title role.

The tickets, limited to two per person, will be distributed through an online drawing held on the Met’s website. Registration for tickets begins today and runs through Thursday, September 15. Winners will be announced on the Met’s website on Friday, September 16.


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    Quanto Painy Fakor says:

    Do we get a samwich too this time? Please cut the crusts off this time.

  • 2
    Le Jester says:

    I don’t know about free sandwichs, but maybe if you ask nicely, Anna will give you her crusts for free!

  • 3
    Cocky Kurwenal says:

    Only 2 weeks away from our in depth trill study day! Not to mention our quarterly discussion re whether it’s acceptable to review a dress rehearsal, and final giudicci a Stephen and his level of success with Vivi tu…

  • 4
    GaGa says:

    I wouldn’t pay for a ticket to a bel canto opera but I would graciously accept a free one.

  • 5
    brooklynpunk says:

    No where else to place this…sorry..but this on—RIGHT NOW… and is quite a wonderful ( if that is an appropriate way of putting it) Memorial tribute to that terrible day, 10 years ago…

  • 6
    louannd says:

    Speaking of free and Anna, and no intermission feature this week, here is the Met Live Stream schedule:

  • 7
    Camille says:

    FREE the Intermission Feature!!!

  • 8
    UnaMacchia says:

    Registered. I’m in the deep South and won’t be able to attend due to geographical considerations. However, should I be fortunate enough to win a pair of tickets, I will gladly offer them up to the delightful denizens of (Let’s be serious though…If I had any luck I wouldn’t live in the deep South)

  • 9
    Quanto Painy Fakor says:

    WOW! Look up on top, peeps, the NY Phil has (bought?) a banner here on Parterre.

    Voit is looking more an more like Florence Foster Jenkins
    [img] 13 anna_russell.jpg[/img]

    • 9.1
      Bosah says:

      Interesting. I just looked at the NY Phil site. Not being a New Yorker, I generally come in only for the Met and a few limited other things. My time at the NY Phil has been limited.

      But even so, it seems to me that the season in general is very under-sold. I mean, opening night looks like it might be okay sales for a regular night, but certainly not opening.

      And, oh my, I wouldn’t want to be Stephanie Blythe. Granted her 3 nights are still a few weeks away, but barely anything is sold… really… barely anything. There are even a lot of seats for Christopher Plummer Henry V. coming soon.

      I don’t think this season is going to solve their revenue issues.

      • 9.1.1
        Bosah says:

        And.. opening night is a live broadcast Live From Lincoln Center. They better get some bodies in there.

          brooklynpunk says:

          …speaking of the New York Philharmonic-- Tonight (September 10) there will be a FREE concert as a memorial to the horrible events of September 11th, 2001-with the Orchestra performing Mahler’s Symphony #2 (“The Resurection”), under the baton of Maestro Alan Gilbert..with Dorothea Roschmann as one of the soloists… this will be screened outdoors in The Lincoln Center Plaza, as well, for those who can not get inside ( tickets will be distributed for Avery Fisher Hall seating starting at 4pm Saturday afternoon)

          This will be broadcast nationwide on most PBS television stations on September 11th…

  • 10
    oedipe says:

    I don’t know if this important news item fits better in here (‘Free Grace’?) or in the ‘Audience with a Queen’ thread, but…here it goes!

    “On September 8, 2011, Their Serene Highnesses Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene of Monaco along with H.R.H. Princess Caroline of Hanover attended the Mont Blanc Collection Princesse Grace de Monaco gala at the Salle Garnier Monte-Carlo. Prior to viewing the collection the princely family along with 350 guests:

    …enjoyed a one night only event production, ‘Grace for Grace’, at the Salle Garnier by Robert Wilson, one of the 21st century’s great theatre visionaries.

    ‘Grace for Grace’ is a tribute in three acts – a fascinating musical and visual journey through Princess Grace’s life from Philadelphia girl, to Hollywood star and finally to Princess. The performance featured singer/songwriter Rufus Wainwright, opera stars Bryn Terfel, Diana Damrau, Shenyang,prima ballerina Gillian Murphy and singer/songwriter Martha Wainwright. The intricate costumes were specially designed by Viktor&Rolf.

    The Mont Blanc gala event attracted many international celebrities including Naomi Watts, Elsa Pataky, Eva Herzigova, Viktor&Rolf, Natalie Imbruglia as well as VIPs from Monaco.”


  • 11

    Anna and bel canto don’t agree.

  • 12
    peter says:

    Does anyone know if you have to show ID when picking up those free rehearsal tickets for Anna Bolena? I got chosen but am unable to make it and would like someone else to be able to use them.