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  • jacobelli: Here are my updated guesses based on some of the hints that were given: 1. Licia Albanese 2. Dorothy Kirsten 3. Clara Petrella... 4:11 PM
  • moi: Actually I’m not sure if it is Hui He.. since The Paris Opera website only announces Netrebko’s cancellation, but not the... 4:09 PM
  • armerjacquino: I’ll give you a ha’penny at most. The ‘adult’ ; crack was aimed at Millington, but reading it back I... 4:08 PM
  • quoth the maven: um, OWE me 4:06 PM
  • quoth the maven: I’m reluctant to continue to engage in this, but “that’ s something I’d expect an adult to... 4:05 PM
  • manou: Yes! Not forgetting “casting pearls before swine”. 4:00 PM
  • antikitschychick: LOL yeah there’s also that. 3:59 PM
  • armerjacquino: David: dead right. A critic is there to review someone’s performance, not their shaggability. 3:59 PM

Abs of a Soldier

La Cieca has obtained this photo of Thomas Hampson headlining Camouflage Night at Powerhouse, uh, rehearsing for Heart of a Soldier at the San Francisco Opera. You can tell the scene is Northern Rhodesia in 1962, because that is where the British military first started offering complimentary personal training packages to their troops.

Actually, the “Extremely Fit Men” are courtesy of director Francesca Zambello, who could find a way to shoehorn beefcake into Sense and Sensibility.