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Horne aplenty

La Cieca has learned that The Metropolitan Opera Guild will pay tribute to  legendary American mezzo-soprano Marilyn Horne (right) on Monday, October 31, when stars, fans of opera, and the cream of New York’s society, business, and civic leaders assemble in the Grand Ballroom of the Waldorf-Astoria for the Guild’s 77th Annual Luncheon.

The event, “Jackie – Celebrating Marilyn Horne” will feature appearances by Horne’s colleagues, including a musical tribute by Stephanie Blythe (not pictured) and other surprises. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Guild’s education programs in New York City and throughout the country.


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    perfidia says:

    What a great photograph! This is when opera singers were still part of the popular culture and had a sense of humor about themselves. Remember when Horne was in The Odd Couple? And Martina Arroyo cracking up Johnny Carson? I wonder if Jay Leno would recognize an opera. Maybe if the Sydney Opera House fell on him.

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      figaroindy says:

      I believe it’s from a 1971 Carol Burnett Show -- Horne and Eileen Farrell (on the left) played the wicked stepsisters to Burnett’s Cinderella.

      It’s a great clip -- you can see it at the Paley Center archives in New York City. Both Farrell and Horne were willing to laugh at themselves, and that’s what makes for great comedy!

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        MontyNostry says:

        Farrell looks terrifying there — but I bet the two of them sounded pretty damn good together!

          figaroindy says:

          Funny, I was thinking that Farrell looked like she was really having fun while Horne looked like she was faking it (or having cramps)!

          It is a great sound -- I recently discovered that Farrell also sang “I Hate Men” on the Garry Moore Show at some point -- need to see that one…bet it’s fantastic!

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        jimupde says:

        Does anybody remember the same trio in a performance of “The Three Little Pigs”, also on the Burnett show? It was a riot. And a good time was had by all!!!

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        Regina delle fate says:

        I thought it was Farrell and Horne as the sorelle Ferrarese in a 1950s “Regie” Così fan tutte!

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      WindyCityOperaman says:

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      WindyCityOperaman says:

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    Camille says:

    General Horne, for all the great contributions she has made to the world of music, starting with those Monday Evening Concerts with Stravinsky back in the long ago and continuing on up to a joint concert with Barbara Cook of two years ago at the Granada Theatre in Santa Barbara where she also heads up the Music Academy of the West in a no nonsense and distinguished manner, is TRULY worthy of this great distinction. A grand lady and a credit to her lucky native land.

    We who are about to die, salute you,
    O Generalissimo!!!

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      lorenzo.venezia says:

      Camille, you can hear ella,dinah,joan “3 little maids” on youtube! the first time I heard Horne I was in high school and she sang the 4th mvt. of Mahler’s 4th with the LA Phil, her husband conducting. That year she also sang Marie in “Wozzeck” with SFO at Shrine Auditorium, back when she was a soprano. Quite a glorious career arc!

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        olddansker says:

        I saw that Wozzeck, my first experience with the opera--sung in English, Geraint Evans as the title character. I left the War Memorial Opera House shaken, unsettled. The two leads were magnificent. Then, at what was then the SF Spring Opera--cheap productions with name performers--I was privileged to see Horne’s first American Carmen--she was definitely a mezzo, and a first-rate Carmen even back then, moving from the flirtatious wanton of first act to the tragic figure of the last act.

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    Camille says:

    Does any other old fogey like me here, recall the trio of Joan Sutherland, Ella Fitzgerald, and Dinah Shore on Firestone or Bell Telephone Hour singing “Three little maids from school are we”??? It was my introduction to that piece and I’m never able to hear it without seeing the three of them in my memory. Very charming they were, all three ‘maids’!

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      armerjacquino says:

      It’s on a remarkable disc of extras which comes with a live recording of ‘Pirates of Penzance’ in German with Auger and Modl (which is extraordinary enough in itself).

      Other gems on the disc include a Roberta Peters/Jimmy Durante duet, Mae West as Dalila, Mary Martin’s Un Bel Di, Leontyne and Crespin in the Cat duet, Aksel Schiotz singing Cole Porter and Horne as Streisand.

      • 4.1.1
        Cocky Kurwenal says:

        Did you dream this, Armerj? :-). That Pirates sounds worth having, though I still hold out hope that Dame Gwyneth’s was preserved. Part of her Norma has recently surfaced, so it’s looking good for her Ruth.

          armerjacquino says:

          Nope, no dream- I’ve just hunted it down from the shelf to make sure. Other extras include a Horne/Carol Channing duet, Evelyn Lear singing ‘The Boy From Ipanema’, Steber and Thebom in ‘Bosom Buddies’ and Cathy Berberian’s peerless ‘Nymphs and Shepherds’. Wanna borrow it?

          • Cocky Kurwenal says:

            Hell yes please. Untold treasures among that lot!

          • manou says:

            Video evidence for some of these (I am channelling my inner QPF):

          • derschatzgabber says:

            Armerjacquino, have you ever found a libretto for that recording of Piraten? The score has been revised somewhat, and my German isn’t good enough to follow the changes (e.g, “A policeman’s lot is not a happy one” appears to have been recast as a duet for Modl and one of the men in the cast. Perhaps a love duet. I seam to recall “mein schatz” repeated several times). The bonus tracks on that set are amazing. I need to pull it off the shelf when I get home and have another listen.

          • Regina delle fate says:

            I wish that Cathy Berberian album from the Edinburgh Festival were available today. It’s one of the funniest recitals ever with the imitations of Schwarzkopf and the Zilcher Beethoven arrangements from the symphonies and sonatas “so they should not be wasted as piano music”! And it has the inimitable sub Florence Foster Jenkins Nymphs and Shepherds that Armerj mentions. Wonderful!

      • 4.1.2
        Camille says:

        Wie wunderbar!!! WEEEEEEEEeeeeee…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Danke schoen!

          Ruxton says:

          Mae IS Delilah! Such effortless delivery and unmatched beauty of tone coupled with Oscar winning subtelty of portrayal makes for a performance that has surely never been rivalled. The mesmerising stage craft..the walk (or jaunty-jig?) and the languid fondling of Samson’s hair can only leave us in no doubt as to her contemplations- while we ourselves can only wonder -- is this a singing Bernhardt or a Streep before us?

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        WindyCityOperaman says:

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      brooklynpunk says:

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      OpinionatedNeophyte says:

      Camille I could only find audio evidence of the trio on Youtube (second vid), but stumbled along this very cute version of Lover Come Back to Me, probably from the same studio session. Enjoy!

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        Camille says:

        Delightful, Doctor OpNeo, and so sweet of you to bother.

        I had never seen the Lover Come Back to Me gem and do feel sorry a little for Dinah and Ella. They should have insisted on protective clothing or a screen!

        Did you feel the quake in Virginia, if you are now there?

          OpinionatedNeophyte says:

          I was not far from the epicenter, Richmond is very near Charlottesville. Though I must admit, I tried to work myself into a lather of worry over it, but could only muster a mid-level anxiety. The cats weren’t pleased though.

          I must also say that I am new to Charlottesville and it is stunningly gorgeous here, if there are any parterrians in the area we must do coffee.

          • Camille says:

            I wish I were near but I am not. Glad you are well situated and best of luck with your new situation. Hurricane Irene is up next!

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    Constantine A. Papas says:

    Did Jay Leno have once Netrebko on his show?

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      perfidia says:

      Wasn’t that when she was being relentlessly pushed by her publicity machine as this shoppaholic singing sex kitten? I remember a revolting interview where the moron asking her questions brings up the whole Bir-gut Nilsson. I am sure Netrebko wanted to slap him silly. Leno may have had Netrebko in his show, but when Carson had Arroyo or Horne, let alone Sills in his show, you could tell he knew who they were, what they did, and how important they were.

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    Constantine A. Papas says:


    I’m glad you confirmed it.

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    Nerva Nelli says:

    Meanwhile, another (soi-disante)”legend” sails back into view. Book today!

    Carole Farley & Pascal Roge in La Voix Humaine
    NY Chamber Music Festival; Symphony Space
    Wed, Sep 14 at 8 pm
    $20; Member, Senior $15; Day of Show $25

    Legendary MET Opera star soprano Carole Farley is joined by the “Ambassador of French Music”, pianist Pascal Roge, for Poulenc’s one-act chamber opera La Voix Humaine. Come see the ultimate interpreter of this work -- the fabulous Carole Farley, celebrated the world over for this role. Also included in the program: Debussy -- Le balcon, and Ravel -- Chansons madecasses…