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  • armerjacquino: Ah, I’ve been unclear. When I said ‘broadcast&# 8217; I meant on the radio. 4:46 PM
  • kashania: AJ: I had the opposite reaction. I found Racette’s HD Tosca underwhelming both vocally and temperamentally. But I really... 4:45 PM
  • PCally: Armer, I was there and wasn’t impressed. I thought she made Ruhr told too much of a victim, too sympathetic. What I find so... 4:34 PM
  • armerjacquino: I was meh about Racette until I heard a- past her prime, but still thrilling- broadcast of TOSCA from the Met five or so... 4:20 PM
  • PCally: Yes that’s probably, along with the Zurich DVD (ironically with magee as an also find Ellen) is the best, though the opera... 4:09 PM
  • la vociaccia: Well I guess you were lucky. Anyway you are right that the Ellen Orford is probably her best work (and she is in excellent... 4:01 PM
  • la vociaccia: I mean for fucks sake Emma Eames? Why stop at 100 years? However can I consider Racette a great when at one point in time... 3:55 PM
  • PCally: I guess I’m lucky then since I’ve had multiple encounters with dasch where she has been excellent. Her Donna Elvira... 3:54 PM

Love, love and love!

Jummy Jonas Kaufmann and awe-inspiring Anna Netrebko team for the great duet from Manon, as heard last night at the Waldbühne Berlin.

La Cieca’s allusion, explained:

(Photo by Herbert, by kind permission of


  • jatm2063 says:

    What an interesting pic. He doesn’t actually look cute anymore. Sort of grizzled and prematurely aged. He’s looked that way in the last several pics I saw of him, particularly when in concert attire. Anna still looks lovely. I like her fuller figure. Curvalicious without being fat.