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LOC to toddle as planned

This just in: Lyric Opera of Chicago and the American Guild of Musical Artists (AGMA) have reached a tentative contract agreement for the coming season. All performances will proceed as planned.


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    Quanto Painy Fakor says:

    At least they have a board that cares.

    • 1.1
      brooklynpunk says:

      As the situation at LOC had little, if anything , in common ( other then perhaps , the lack of availible cash, these days….) with that of a certain Company whose Board (“doesn’t”) (seem to) care… it is getting real tiresome to have EVERYTHING revolve around certain folks animosity towards other ..certain folks and THEIR Board….

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    jatm2063 says:

    Good. There is some sense in the world after all. Now if only NYCO would proceed similarly, things might get better for all.

  • 3
    Satisfied says:

    Hurray! Flying in for opening night and was getting nervous.

    Anyone know the typical attire for an opening night at the Lyric?

    • 3.1
      WeillFan says:

      Opening night at the Lyric Opera of Chicago is quite a dressy occasion. Tuxedos and fancy frocks are the main sight on the main floor, though I’ve also seen men in business suits.
      I wore a kilt last year for the opening of Barbara Gaines’ new production of Verdi’s “Macbeth.” Perhaps you could wear a train conductor’s uniform to tie into Nicholas Joel’s 19th century train station design approach to “Les contes d’Hoffmann.”

    • 3.2
      WindyCityOperaman says:

      I was at last seasons opening . . . no big deal. If you got a tux, wear it. If not, jacket and tie is fine. I’m just getting too old and unimpressed, I guess. Free horsd’ouvres and cheap champagne if you get there early enough (at least we got it last season -- didn’t matter for me -- got there late, my opera partner got caught in traffic and we barely made it before the curtain).

      Didn’t even see any interesting gowns or ‘dos in the crowd. Only one young dingbat in six inch stilettos later in the season when there was snow on the ground. Enjoy wearing ’em now baby, ’cause in a few years you’re not even going to be able to slip them on! Pretty unimpressive crowd.

      Want to congrat the Lyric press from keeping all this under wraps. No one in the local media as mentioned even one word of a potential strike.

      • 3.2.1
        Satisfied says:

        “Perhaps you could wear a train conductor’s uniform to tie into Nicholas Joel’s 19th century train station design approach to “Les contes d’Hoffmann.”

        Loves it! Production images look very impressive -- can’t wait to see it especially after the abortion that was Bartlett Sher’s production here in New York.

        Thanks both…may be a little overdressed for my matinee performance at the Steppenwolf in order to make it on time, but who cares.

      • 3.2.2
        operaassport says:

        WindyCityOperaman: huh? Not a word in the local Chicago media? Both Andrew Patner in the Sun-Times and John Von Rhein in the Tribune had articles about the potential strike and AGMA’s letter. Don’t they count as local media? Or do you have a different local media in mind?

      • 3.2.3
        Lady Bracknell says:

        My two centimes: both Messrs von Rhein and Patner realized that Alan Gordon was full of hot air (and more) when he sent out that missive last week. “Ho hum … there’s six weeks until opening night. Why waste precious column inches on this story in August?”

          operaassport says:

          Lady Bracknell: perhaps you missed the point. BOTH Patner and Von Rhein DID write columns about the subject contrary to what windycityoperaman claimed.

          • Lady Bracknell says:

            No, no. I got your point and read both articles. I just thought that JVR and AP were rather dismissive of AGMA’s letter and claims.

  • 4
    Clita del Toro says:

    Oh, now the exciting season will go on. What a relief. ZZZZZzzzzz

  • 5
    Camille says:

    Can anyone relieve my curiosity about whose bod it is that Mme. Nay-Nay’s delightfully coiffured head is placed upon???

    It’s been bothering me for a week now and as I can only come up with Bebe Neuwirth, and I’m sure that’s not right as I am generally wrong.

    Also, who is playing in “Chicago” now, and is it still worth seeing? I’ve not yet seen it on Broadway and have been intending to go for the last decade and seem never to have gotten a roundtuit.

    Or has it closed?

    Thanks, any and/or all.
    Camilla P-B

    • 5.1
      La Cieca says:

      Theoretically, it’s Ute Lemper’s, but La Cieca suspects a bit of body-doubling afoot (and, more to the point, ahip and awaist.)


      At the moment the Chicago cast features Charlotte d’Amboise (Roxie Hart), Nikka Graff Lanzarone (Velma Kelly), Christopher Sieber (Billy Flynn), Chris Sullivan (Amos Hart), Carol Woods
      (Matron “Mama” Morton).

      • 5.1.1
        Camille says:

        Why, muchas gracias, querida doyenne, for your gracious and prompt reply; very appreciated by moi. Sorry to have missed Fraeulein Lemper, however! I do not know these players, in any sense of the word, so I doubt I’ll go. I do fear I will miss it entirely if I hesitate much longer as we all know what happens to he who hesitates.

        Instead, I plan to head on down to Brooklyn’s BAM (erstwhile home of that Travellin’ Bojangles Opera Band *by George*!) To see the Berliner Threepenny Opera, the first week in October! Look forward to that as perhaps poor ol’ tired Camille will finally snap on to Was ist Brecht…?

        Her experience of Mahagonny in El Lay with Patti ‘n Audra ‘n all jest had her headin’ out to the next whiskey bar. Camille does not want to be an old fogey but fears that, many times, she is just that, and short of seeking out a performance of Karen Finley, ol’ codger Camille will keep on tryin’.

          armerjacquino says:

          Charlotte D’Amboise played Cassie in the 30th anniversary CHORUS LINE (and was Tony-nominated for it, I think).

          Carol Woods is wonderful- I saw her in Blues in the Night as a kid. She’s luxury casting for Mama. Don’t know any of the others but those two would be worth seeing.

          • Camille says:

            ArmerJacq, thank you kindly once more. I’m sure a good word from you on those two counts for something and will take it accordingly seriously under consideration.

            In my dotage, you see, I’m trying NOT to see just another “lousy Traviata”, again and again, but striving to open up my eyes and ears and heart, no less, to experience things outside my norm. For example, I’ve lived a great deal in NYC these last two decades and only been to see three Broadway shows, so, while I’m still able to creep around, I am going to try to go there--god forbid, maybe I’ll even go see “Phantom”! Sans spouse, as he laughed so hard at the movie we were nearly thrown out of the theatre.

            Anyway, for now, it’s the Britten operas, and as I had a great great grandfather from Folkstone, guessing that there would be a very good place to start, or so Julie Andrews would advise.

            Thank you, dear armer J.

          Nerva Nelli says:

          Christopher Sieber, very talented and openly gay, is a “Broadway takeover artist” like the fine Miss d’Amboise and is very good; he’s even sung at City Opera ( anyone remember that place?),in the R & H CINDERELLA.

          I haven’t seen CHICAGO in a few years but the three times I went (bringing friends who spoke not much English) it had been maintained very well. Go!

      • 5.1.2
        MontyNostry says:

        Pity they couldn’t body-double Lemper’s voice too.

      • 5.1.3
        Clita del Toro says:

        if there is anyone who makes me more sick to my stomach the Rennaay, it’s Udder Lempah…….gakg!

  • 6
    Bosah says:

    So should we assume that the national AGMA press release, issued just a short time ago, was just a *tad* melodramatic?

    Thanks to cooler minds on both sides who obviously kept their heads down and got the job done.

  • 7
    operaassport says:

    Lady: I agree with you. Still can’t figure out why the OP thought that LOC was to be congratulated over keeping it out of the press when that obviously didn’t happen.

    Hope Chicago enjoys yet another boring, no name season with tickets more expensive than the MET!

  • 8
    chaka says:

    Wasn’t it the LOC that employed the answer to one of La Ciesa’s posts years ago: Which opera house director (or someone at that level) who would participate in meth-fueled orgies?

    Who did that turn out to be anyway?