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Blinding from within

Which NYCO board member—who haunted the company’s Lincoln Center venue for many years—has just taken a walk, resigning in sympathy with the unions?


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    operanow says:

    Joyce Castle

    • 1.1
      warmke says:

      Joyce = Witch in Hansel and Gretel. I can’t imagine her standing in support for what is happening.

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    Orlando Furioso says:

    The challenge is finding a complete list of board members. The best I could find was a 2-year-old press release with the 7 newest ones. I have an idea where the titular puns are heading, but no name to match them with.

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    messa di voce says:


    Alice Ghostley? Phil Spector?

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    Will says:

    To find a list of the NYCO Board, it is necessary to go only as far as a NYCO program from this season:

    Charles R. Wall, Chairman
    Mark W. Newhouse, President
    James C. Marlas, Vice Chairman
    Mary Sharp Cronson, secretary

    HRH Princess Alexandra of Greece
    Susan L. Baker
    John E. Baumgardner, Jr
    John H. Biggs
    Hon. Michael R. Bloomberg (ex officio)
    Sanfurd G. Bluestein, MD
    Jacques Bouhet
    Catherine Gilles carmody
    Joyce Castle
    Emilie Roy Corey
    Caroline Cronson
    Jennie DeScherer (ex officio)
    Brooke Hayward Duchin
    Edmee de M. Firth
    Michael E. Gellert
    Nomi Ghez
    Joan Granlund
    Susan Zises Green
    Lewis B. Kaden
    Howard S. Kelberg
    Nizam P. Kettaneh
    W. Loeber Landau
    Hon. Kate D. Levin (ex officio)
    Helen Litle
    Lynn J. Loacker
    Jessee Robert Lovejoy
    Roy. G. Niederhoffer
    Martin J. Oppenheimer
    Charles I. Petschek
    Marc Powell
    Jonathan Sheffer
    Elliot L. Slade III
    Mrs. James Slaughter
    Pamela Thomas-Graham
    Alair A. Townsend (ex officio)
    Herbert M. Wachtell

    Now if you are looking for a name that “has haunted the compsny’s Lincoln Center Venue for many years” you have to look not at the Board of Directors but at the Artistic Committee where one finds:
    John Corigliano, composer of the Ghosts of Versailles

    Other notables include Joyce DiDonato, Mark Adamo, Christopher Alden, Frank Corsaro, John Guare, John Kander, Paul Kellogg, Michael John LaChiusa, J.D. McClatchy, Terrence McNally, Hal Prince, Samuel Ramey, Julius Rudel, Stephen Schwartz, Twyla Tharp, Camilla Williams and John Zorn among others.

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    Quanto Painy Fakor says:

    Lois Kirchenbaum? You mean to tell us that Susan Baker is STILL on that board after all the harm she caused? That’s amazing. Let us pray that more board members vanish from that list and can be replaced with angels who can out the present administration and make it possible for NYCO surpass their accomplishments d’autrefois.

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    Quanto Painy Fakor says:

    I wonder how many of those board members even know what their colleagues on the board look like.

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    Often admonished says:

    OT with a vengeance. Just back from the WP of Muhly’s Two Boys at ENO.

    Many good-to-exquisite ideas in the orchestra: some mid-period Wagner harmonic progressions supporting a delicately woven post-minimalist fabric; divided strings and tuned gongs used with a real ear. This level of imagination is not reflected in the vocal writing, which is modernistic-declamatory with little variety of pace and an increasingly predictable range of inflection. The singers throw themselves into it with a will and sometimes convince us that their lines do convey emotion, but this is a short-lived delusion given the monotony of the material they have to work with. Obviously if the vocal music lived up to Muhly’s orchestral imagination, we’d be dealing with a masterpiece. He has time.

    Bartlett Sher has the unenviable task of staging the multilayered complexity of the internet on a proscenium stage. He tries. The many projections (Plan 59 from Outer Space, I think) and hard contours of Yeargen’s grey towers help but the zombie plod of the extras and chorus look like badly drilled school of Bob Wilson set within a conceptual void. Nothing sails in from left field: wit, surprise, changes of speed are absent. Worthy ain’t enuf.

  • 8
    La Valkyrietta says:

    Not Jackie. Non sequitur.

  • 9
    Quanto Painy Fakor says:

    I just notice the presence of HRH Princess Alexandra of Greece on the Board, who at this stage of the Greek economy is probably only able to come up with a few bottles of olive oil and has more important fish to fry than City Opera’s mess.

    • 9.1
      Regina delle fate says:

      But I bet she’s not a big fan of the unions….

      • 9.1.1
        Harry says:

        Perhaps as a Royal,HRH Princess Alexandria of Greece being a board member she could bestow on Ms Susan Baker a Greek Title for her tarnished services to NYCO.
        Perhaps pushing for her to be made Greece’s Finance Minister (of Bankruptry) or ‘Countess of Atlantis’ or ‘Duchess Circe’. Such appropriate Titles, seem befitting social sirens: presiding over shipwrecks and sunken ventures.

      • 9.1.2
        Harry says:

        Perhaps as a Royal,HRH Princess Alexandria of Greece being a board member she could bestow on Ms Susan Baker a Greek Title for her tarnished services to NYCO.
        Perhaps pushing for her to be made Greece’s Finance Minister (of Bankrupty) or ‘Countess of Atlantis’ or ‘Duchess Circe’. Such appropriate Titles, seem befitting social sirens: presiding over shipwrecks and sunken ventures.

          Alto says:

          Well, she isn’t a “royal” and has no legal right to the HRH title. She is the daughter of Prince Michael, who has lived in New York for many years, and she may never have set foot in Greece if she’s deemed by their laws to be a member of the Royal Family — who are proscribed from entering the country. (An exception is of course made for the Queen of Spain, since she is now monarch of another country and can visit in that capacity.)

          • IngeK says:

            Actually it is the wrong Greek princess that is on the board. ( Can’t they do anything right at NYCO?)

            They should have picked the American heiress Marie-Chantal Miller, Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess of Greece, Princess of Denmark. Her husband’s aunt is Queen Margaret of Denmark and a great supporter of the arts.

            Marie-Chantal is daughter of Robert Warren Miller of Duty Free Fame ( among other things) and he has very deep pockets.

            Marie-Chantal has her title because she is married to Crown Prince Pavlos ( of Greece)

            Alto, it is not correct that members of the Greek Royal Family are not allowed to visit Greece. Pavlos’s mother Queen Anne Marie is a Danish princess.

            Since 2003 – when the property dispute between her husband Constantine and the government of Greece concluded – Anne-Marie has visited Greece numerous times. (Wikipedia)

            And some people think opera plots are contrived!

          • Alto says:

            But Anne Marie is in a separate category. She is a *born* princess of Denmark, a title that does not depend on the vagaries of Greek law. Greece has nothing against Denmark; it’s the Greek dynasty that they excluded by referendum.

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    Harry says: