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  • LT: I can’t breathe!! 9:16 AM
  • Fluffy-net: I was lucky to see it four times during its first run in Berlin. Wonderful show! And also one... 9:14 AM
  • laddie: I am so happy for you, La Cieca, that you were able to travel to witness what sounds like a... 8:56 AM
  • WindyCityOperaman: Birthday Tributes for Tuesday, May 5: Born on this day in 1819 composer Stanislaw... 8:37 AM
  • Hippolyte: A complete “Ombra mai fu” by Valer: httpv://www.youtub e.com/watch?v=28o7 vHobKKE 8:24 AM
  • Satisfied: Absolutely love this production! It’s incredibly witty,charming and really fun! Enjoy you... 8:10 AM
  • armerjacquino: Well, ZB is Mr Corinne Winters so if his presence means we get her I won’t complain. As... 7:53 AM
  • Krunoslav: No, sorry, your slickness of phrase doesn’t work in this case. Rupert was complaining, by... 7:43 AM
  • phoenix: http://www.cbc.ca/ news/arts/clarice- carson-canadian-so prano-and-opera-gr eat-dead-at-85-1.3 059590 7:36 AM
  • armerjacquino: Yeah, I know. Local is best. We get it, Rupert ;-) 7:26 AM

The seasons alter

La Cieca is informed that the New York City Opera and AGMA are meeting today for discussions relating to the company’s 2011-12 schedule—which, by the way, is supposed to be announced sometime this week, but La Cieca isn’t holding her breath.


  • Signor Bruschino says:

    Gonna repeat the very succint comment that someone posted a few days ago ‘Let it Die’…

    There is so much baggage right now attached to NYCO- wouldn’t it be great if some wonderful donor ponied up the money to create a new opera company to fill the void (both in the NY State Theatre, and as a 2nd major opera company)? Why do none of these new tech billionaires (I’m talking to you Groupon / LinkedIn / Facebook guys) have any interest in opera…

    Could be a fun parlor game- who, in this dream scenario should run this company, both artistically & musically (and i’m putting a restraining order against zambello for this dream endeavor)

  • papopera says:

    Nothing to do with opera, but I had been looking to see that horror movie for years having forgotten its title. At long last, thanks for the tip !

  • ianw2 says:

    A six week concert run of that crowd-pleasing toe-tapper Moses und Aron under a big top in Central Park wouldn’t even surprise me right now. Okulitch sings, Domingo conducts.

  • kashania says:

    Jay Nordlinger’s thoughts on NYCO:


    His recommendations seem sensible to me.