Cher Public

Announcing the Second Annual Pubie Awards

At long last (or, anyway, a whole year later) La Cieca (pictured) is delighted to announce the event of events here at, the 2010-2011 Parterre Cher Public Choice Awards. You, the aforementioned cher public, now have your chance to vote on the best, the worst and the most divalicious events of the season, as nominated by La Cieca’s hand-picked Blue Ribbon panel of experts. Watch for the results of this poll at the end of next week, when the coveted “Pubies” will be awarded.

  • armerjacquino

    I think I can predict the results of some of these… I can’t really vote, only having experienced the season via broadcasts. I do hope Rigoletto sails in for worst revival though- some real filth on the broadcast both dramatically and musically- especially at the end, when Meoni first sounded mildly irritated to find his daughter dying, and then launched into part of the duet a whole tone sharp.

    • tannengrin

      dear -- you have been on this blog before, haven’t you? Not having seen a performance live has never stopped anyone from commenting & voting… that’s part of the fun!!

      • In fact, it’s preferable that you haven’t seen the production live.

        • armerjacquino

          Well, that’s true. I certainly prefer to stay at home and listen to the same records over and over again, just in case a director does something I don’t agree with ;-)

          • And its even better if you haven’t seen it at all and don’t recognise any of the names :)

          • The WARE

            Of course, Ruxxy, because that is the American way. It is how we choose our elected officials--based on heresey, rumors and generalities, but without facts.

  • Wasn’t Terfel’s Tosca last year?

    • Arianna a Nasso

      He sang the role last season, but he also jumped in for one performance this season last minute, hence his nomination for the Einspringer award.

  • rofrano

    I only hope the awards ceremony will take place at Merkin Hall

    • manou

      …but what will the trophy look like?

  • m. p. arazza

    Fabio Luisi (Wozzeck, etc. etc.)

    When did Luisi conduct Wozzeck?

    • Oh, DUH!

      Okay, it’s fixed now. What I was thinking I can’t say.

  • stignanispawn

    Thrilled to see Alexey Markov nominated his performance in Queen of Spades — which was a highlight of my Met season. He was also excellent in Boris Godunov, albeit in a smaller role. Hopefully the Met will be able to do better by him in the long-term than next year’s Boheme.

  • fartnose mcgoo

    I wish Pape was nominated for Divo. I’d also nominate Nixon for worst production. It just looked wrong for the Met stage.

    • ianw2

      Speaking of Nixon, in the spirit of integrity in this important competition, I had to vote one of my favourite performers for worst performance. That hurt.

      • fartnose mcgoo

        Maddalena? I feel really bad for him. It turns out he had a phlegm problem during the run and was having a lot of trouble in the first act most nights.

        • ianw2

          It also probably didn’t help that he is THE Nixon thanks to the iconic recording, inviting inevitable comparison with a voice that is 30+ years younger. Also, as Nixon was the piece that got me into the whole opera shebang, it made it doubly as painful to see him flounder at the Met. I imagine its how parents feel when they see their kid fall off the pommel horse at regionals.

          But! Russell Braun! Janis Kelly! Kathleen Kim! If only they’d let Sellars start completely afresh.

          • Melot’s Younger Brother

            The last time Sellars had a fresh idea was the year of the original Nixon production.

          • The WARE

            Not sure if Seller’s last original idea was in 1987, but I saw his production of Handel’s “Hercules” at Lyric Chicago and absolutely loved it! I would definitely see another of his productions.

          • m. croche

            I quite enjoyed the Kurtag/Upshaw/Nuttall Kafka-cycle staged by Sellars a few years back and still occasionally (?) in circulation. Your mileage may vary, of course, but surely putting Kafka’s diary entries and Kurtag’s music in the mouth of someone doing household chores must be considered to be fairly original.

          • oedipe

            The Sellars/Bill Viola Tristan at the Bastille in 2008 was no slouch either! Nay, it was a transcendental experience.
            Though admittedly, Bill Viola is such an extraordinary artist that he could make anyone collaborating with him look like a genius.

  • scifisci

    Having been fortunate enough to have attended almost all the events on this list, I have to say that overall it’s been a not terribly exciting year, with some exceptions.

    Despite reservations about casting, I voted Traviata as best np, since it proved that the Met can go full-regie and the sun will still rise tomorrow. Worst np definitely walkure. Best revival simon b. for the strength of all the leads and levine’s conducting. Worst revival definitely armida…at least rigoletto had some good casting later in the season. ditto trovatore. surprised the off-bwy group didn’t include the muti otello, which I would have chosen. I found nightingale boring, underwhelming and overrated. Meade as norma was definitely a highlight of the off-season. I enjoyed intermezzo best of all the nyco stuff I saw, but I missed monodramas and quiet place.

    Divo/Diva stuff is all very personal but Waltraud and Jonas were my favorites. Markov too was sensational. Was lucky enough to catch Matos in fanciulla twice…best of the einspringer crowd in terms of jolting the performance to a new level and giving it much needed life. Best debut is tough to decide since both Rachiashvili and Lee were the real deal. She was the best carmen i’ve seen live and he has a distinctive, top-quality spinto voice.

  • Who the hell (and fuck) put my Zeljko Lucic in the “worst” list, AND in “Il Trovatore”? He is teh best Luna, ever. I actually wrote about him in my blog lately ( praising him for his Rigoletto.

    I actually sent teh article to our Coquine Doyenne too, but she dismissed it. Perhaps she was trying to protect me somehow from the “furore” of some…

    • Macbeths --
      You’re quite right about Lucic, the best Verdi baritone currently at the Met. His Luna and Rigoletto sounded wonderful. BUT he has little innate theatrical sense, and the Met really has to assign someone to coach him into some passionate acting, especially if he’s going to take over third cast Rigoletto.

      • I agree Hans. I saw him really acting when provided with better direction. In Rigoletto at the Met, he seemed to be left on hiw own somehow.