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  • Lady Abbado: Joan Sutherland in 1961 – Per la gloria d’adorarvi – G B Bononcini httpv://www.youtub 9:59 AM
  • NPW-Paris: I’ve noticed several singers pronouncing “é” much like “i”. Kaufmann does it. 9:58 AM
  • manou: That clarifies it. 9:51 AM
  • Krunoslav: AMM was an excellent Rusalka for Chicago with Jovanovich, Grove , Owens and Gubanova under A. Davis in 2014. She and Jovanovich... 9:49 AM
  • Orlando Furioso: Thanks for taking the time to respond, Christopher. I just tried again with the same result. (1:09:42 is the duration... 9:35 AM
  • Don_Dano: Have others heard Ana Maria Martinez sing Rusalka? She performs quite regularly in Houston, so I have heard her in a wide... 9:25 AM
  • LT: I do. 8:55 AM
  • Christopher Corwin: Orlando, I don’t know what to tell you other than to try again. To double-check, I just downloaded this using... 8:34 AM

The fall guy

Heads are about to roll at New York City Opera, probably including George Steel‘s—though given the troupe’s bizarro history for the past few years, who can say? This is in the wake of a letter leaked to the Wall Street Journal from singers and production staff of the embattled company, which includes this chilling statement: “We are very frustrated that NYCO has now become an opera company that does not do opera.” 

Meanwhile, AGMA’s Alan Gordon has emailed AP with a warning that Tthe musicians and stagehands could “strike and drive City Opera out of existence” if working hours and benefits are cut.

A board meeting, “widely expected to determine the fate of the company’s fall season,” is scheduled for today..