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Right the first time

“In an April 9 story about tenor Juan Diego Florez helping deliver his baby minutes before singing in the Metropolitan Opera production of Le Comte Ory, The Associated Press erroneously reported that the soprano starring in the broadcast was Renee Fleming. The singer was Diana Damrau. Fleming was the host.” [AP]


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    armerjacquino says:

    I was just driven home by a cab driver who, despite cheerfully admitting to knowing ‘absolutely nothing much’ about opera, goes to every single Met HD transmission at the IMAX in Waterloo. He was waxing lyrical about how it’s the highlight of his week. He loved COMTE ORY, cried at LUCIA, can’t wait for WALKURE… and his highlight of the season was ARMIDA which he said blew him away. He went out and spent £60 on Fleming CDs the next day (‘I wanted to by a CD of Armida but they didn’t have it in the shop’.)

    I don’t have any agenda or axe to grind in reporting this conversation, it just struck me as a perspective which might interest people here.

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      Lucky Pierre says:

      amerj, you take cabs? i’m gobsmacked. is that after you get off work carrying manou around? i guess manou pays you well…

      • 1.1.1
        armerjacquino says:

        I’d been at a bus stop for 40 minutes. A cab came by. On Sunday I’m running 26 miles. I DESERVED IT, DAMMIT.

        (and manou gave me the night off)

          Dan says:

          Oh yea…you’re a marathoner, too? You DO deserve that cab ride, just like I absolutely deserved the two almond croissants, chocolate chip cookie and Swedish cardamom bread immediately after my training run on Monday. Rationalization is my best friend.

          Erstegeiger says:

          It would be a pity if you only ran 26 and forgot the .2……. ;)
          soooooo close!

          Have a great run!


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      CruzSF says:

      I think that’s a great story. I hope the companies that released those CDs send Gelb a thank you letter.

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    Lucky Pierre says:

    yup, i remember hearing it on the radio (WNYC) in the local news segment (i think monday) that JDF was in comte ory with renee and JDD.

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    Quanto Painy Fakor says:

    With all that is wrong in the world, it’s comforting to know that this has been corrected.

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    Bosah says:


    I met several young women at Fleming’s Carnegi Hall recital that said they had become fans of hers after seeing the Armida DVD. They then went to it live, and were now at the recital. To each his/her own, eh?

    Re the faulty reporting, I wonder if Reuters, NPR, the Huffington Post and all the others will write corrections, too. Funny. I love journalism today.

    (Fleming’s getting a Fulbright Lifetime Achievement tonight, according to her twitter)

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    semira mide says:

    Well, there are many things in life to be thankful for.
    Fleming NOT in Le Comte Ory is right up there for me.

    Harvard radio, has a wonderful post-opera program where they feature recordings from the opera that has been presented in the broadcast.

    The host, who is rarely identified, and whose name escapes me is entertaining ( although I suspect that is not his intention)

    After Ory, there were some interesting selections. However what stands out was the host’s comment to the effect that the French diction on the selection about to be presented left something to be desired. The artist? Natalie Dessay! ( Actually he was right -- beautifully sung but poorly recorded)

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      Will says:

      The host is David Eliot and his style has long since worn out its welcome with me. There’s a huge amount of excess verbiage: on one occasion he read the entire text of a song cycle in German, then read the entire English translation and then wound up reading the German text all over again. He frequently talks for a longer period of time than the selection takes to perform, but so repititiously that little new information is forthcoming.

      • 5.1.1
        semira mide says:

        Thank you for reminding me of the name.

        I listen to the program because of the exceptional recordings that are sometimes played. Although I had the good fortune to grow up with lots of “golden age” recordings, there are many “new” things on WHRB’s post-opera program.

        Would that we still had “The Vocal Scene” with George Jellinek.

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    rapt says:

    Speaking of errors (or not): am I the only one who, seeing that photo, thought it was Katie Couric?

    • 6.1
      Simon Blackmouth says:

      No, you’re not. I thought it was Katie Couric at first glance and then realized it was Fleming.

      • 6.1.1
        Quanto Painy Fakor says:

        I thought it was Miss Cottingham

      • 6.1.2
        A. Poggia Turra says:

        I thought that La Cieca was breaking a worldwide scoop -- that Katie C. and Renee F. were swapping jobs. Fleming would certainly “jazz up” the moribund CBS Evening News, while I would bet that Couric can manage a decent trill


      • 6.1.3
        MontyNostry says:

        Well, Renee, definitely has female TV presenter hair, typified by that contrasting strand at the front which stands proud of the rest.

        And Diana Damrau had clearly better watch her back. Maybe Renee has once again become hungry for bel canto dominance and is using her media omnipresence to lobby for roles…

          IngeK says:

          Oh dear, you are probably right.
          Renee was asking Florez something to the effect “what do you need to sing BelCanto” when she interviewed him in the Lucia HD intermission. I sure hope she gets CBS job!

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    Quanto Painy Fakor says:

    Filled with himself:

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      Alto says:

      Have you ever done a three-hour performance? Right after it your very chemistry is affected. To criticize someone for seeming a little obsessive — even “full of himself” — at that point would show a lack of comprehension of the performing experience. One is not quite in one’s right mind.