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Altar ego

IPHIGENIE_Graham_and_Domingo“At a time of life when most opera singers can barely remember their glory days, 70-year-old Placido Domingo is still giving performances singers half his age could be proud of.” Our Own JJ‘s latest review is a love letter to the Met’s revival of Iphigénie en Tauride. [New York Post]


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    OpinionatedNeophyte says:

    “At a time of life when most opera singers can barely remember their glory days, 70-year-old Placido Domingo is still giving performances singers half his age could be proud of.

    I felt the same thing watching Barbra give a quick lesson in proper intonation to the off key warblings of Katy Perry and Rihanna that preceded her last night.

    • 1.1
      papopera says:

      It’s an opera forum, what the hell is SHE doing here ??

      • 1.1.1
        OpinionatedNeophyte says:

        It’s an opera forum, what the hell is SHE doing here ??

        Why giving a masterclass in fabulousness of course. Here are a few more lessons:

          Buster says:

          ON: I am sure you saw this brilliant clip:

          • OpinionatedNeophyte says:

            I *love* Jim Bailey. Though I do think his Judy is a little bit better, its barely even an issue. The man is genius.

          • WindyCityOperaman says:

            Saw JB do Judy live . . . fantastic. Many a drunk queen in the audience swooning . . .

            Owe it yourself to watch the BluRay Star Is Born on High Def. Swear I am seeing detail in that movie I’ve never seen before.

          • OpinionatedNeophyte says:

            Windy I have been eyeing it. But all that soft lens backlight, its not harmful to your health. The movie is kind of dreck, but it has some great moments like this one.

            I wonder how Beyonce will do in her remake, which is totally happening btw.

          • WindyCityOperaman says:

            O.N. -- I meant Judy’s Star is Born!

            (Barbra’s isn’t on BluRay yet)

          • La Cieca says:

            There is only one A Star is Born.

          • OpinionatedNeophyte says:

            For shame La Cieca, the real A Star is Born isn’t even called A Star is Born.

            No don’t get up, I’ll ban myself….

          • operadunce says:

            A Star is Born! La Cieca, I thought they were talking about Renee’s birthday! RF gave you so many gifts last year and you can’t even give her a shout-out on her special day? Well, let me do it for you. Happy Birthday, Renee and thanks!

          La Cieca says:

          “A Co-star is Stillborn”

          perfidia says:

          Barbra’s brand of overwrought, hysterical performing is the very definition of operatic, especially when it starts to really build. Not that the woman can’t sing a quiet song and slay you, but I love me some Babs on the edge. Garland was the same way. Actually Judy was less filtered, more direct (but could also kill you in the quiet moments. Nobody sings “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” like she did in “Meet Me in St Louis.”

          • OpinionatedNeophyte says:

            I *completely* agree. I think the original version of He Touched Me is one of the most operatic, soaring vocals I’ve heard outside of classical music. Total goddess!

          • operadunce says:

            This recording of “He touched Me” is one of my all-time favorites as well. I haven’t heard it for a while and it was great to revisit it. Thanks!

          • armerjacquino says:

            I suspect it’ll be hand-back-the-badge time if I confess that I can’t STAND Streisand or Garland.

          • CruzSF says:

            AJ, shouldn’t you be resting up for the Anna Nicole premiere? We’ll want a full report after the performance.

    • 1.2
      Bosah says:

      Absolutely. Total class act. If only she’d felt comfortable enough to let go of the mic stand!

      I imagine, given the stage fright issues, coupled with the changes in her voice, it took a lot for her to get out there and do that. Brava to her.

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    Gualtier M says:

    I quite like the headline here: “Grecian formula works for Domingo”.

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    WindyCityOperaman says:

    The truth is pop singers haven’t been on pitch since the new millenium. Today’s pop singers sing with their face, not with their voice. A voice teacher friend of mine has lots of young women coming to study, but not very many young men -- think it’s because all the men want to be “stars” and don’t want to work at it.

    BTW, Gypsy with Babs -- I don’t know. Haven’t we had enough of this show (although I’m sure that LuPone is kicking herself in the pants -- yes!).

    BTW 2, Happy 52nd Birthday Renee!

    • 3.1
      doug says:

      I share everyone’s dismay that a lot of current pop singers rely on AutoTune and don’t have great pitch. HOWEVER, the statement “pop singers haven’t been on pitch since the new [sic] millenium” is very strange. What changed at the turn of the century? Was pitch better in 1999 than it was in 2003? You can certainly find examples of singers with bad intonation from any era of recorded history. Also, as counterexamples I offer the following popular musicians who have stellar intonation: Yolanda Adams, Beyonce, Lizz Wright, Sade, Nellie McKay, Fiona Apple, Chaka Khan, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, Celine Dion, etc etc etc.

      Despite her nerves, Babs was genius last night, as were Mick, Eminem, and the insanely talented Cee-Lo.

      Congrats as well to the genius Dee Dee Bridgewater who won off-camera. Also, I am loving every minute of the Esperanza Spalding-Justin Bieber controversy — she is a super-talent that deserves the attention.

      Speaking of intonation, by the way, Barbara Frittoli’s is AWFUL on the Grammy-winning Verdi Requiem from Orchestra Hall.

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    doug says:

    ALSO … Iphigenie is genius. I will DEFINITELY be at the HD (I saw almost every performance at Lyric).

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    Eduige says:

    Wish that there would be more Gluck playing at the Met (Iphigénie/Aulide, Armide, Alceste, etc.)

    • 5.1
      armerjacquino says:

      Isn’t the Met about 8 billion times too big for Gluck?

      • 5.1.1
        richard says:

        Well, yeah, but that’s never stopped them before!

        But it’s too big for Handel and Mozart too, so there!

        I’d like to see Armide. The Met last did it in

        Metropolitan Opera House
        March 18, 1912

        ARMIDE {7}

        Armide………………Olive Fremstad
        Renaud………………Enrico Caruso
        Hate………………..Margarete Matzenauer
        Hidraot……………..Pasquale Amato
        Phénice……………..Jeanne Maubourg
        Sidonie……………..Lenora Sparkes
        Ubalde………………Dinh Gilly
        Danish Knight………..Angelo Badà
        Lucinde……………..Alma Gluck
        Artémidore…………..Albert Reiss
        Aronte………………Andrés De Segurola
        Naiad……………….Marie Rappold
        Love………………..Alma Gluck

        Conductor……………Arturo Toscanini

        One imagines it wasn’t a HIP performance……

        Note Alma Gluck in two small roles. She mostly did tiny roles at the Met even though she was a big recording star; the first classical musician to sell one million copies of a record.

        She became very, very rich and married well. Two children were Marcia Davenport and Efram Zimbalist Jr, who I always thought was very hot on the different TV shows he was on here in the US.