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  • Krunoslav: Netrebko’s hiring as Zerlina — at SFO, the Met or the ROH- was not a special case but... 3:21 PM
  • PCally: I hope it is. His Ernani was embarrassing. 3:02 PM
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  • Krunoslav: Something must have made Peter Katona VERY sure what he was getting in Gheorghiu in 1992. If you... 2:47 PM
  • Tubsinger: I’m with you, Sanford. I love that recording; as much as I love Verrett, Troyanos does an... 2:45 PM
  • 98rsd: With Sutherland and Pavarotti at the Met, Fille didn’t need rescuing at all. 2:42 PM
  • Poison Ivy: As I said, you have some time and energy, and instead of devoting it to tracking every... 2:42 PM
  • kashania: While I agree mostly with your argument about casting Zerlina and Masetto, I disagree that they... 2:36 PM
  • Sanford: My favorite Carmen recording is Domingo/Troyanos/T e Kanawa and the luxury casting of Norma Burrowes... 2:13 PM

“You will, Cieca, you will!”

le_mot_du_jour_full“The L.A. Phil’s new season is up, too, and the big news there is (for me anyway) the premiere of a new sacred oratorio by John Adams, entitled The Gospel According to the Other Mary. Maybe he gave it that title to distinguish it from a forthcoming work by Mark Adamo.

“What? No, I meant because Mark Adamo’s writing The Gospel of Mary Magdalene for the San Francisco Opera! Why, what ‘mary’ did YOU think I was referring to?” [Daniel Stephen Johnson]


  • ianw2 says:


    I imagine Adamo is seething. Not a lot of bonhomie between those two. Also very curious about Adams’ new oratorio, since I adore El Nino.

    • Belfagor says:

      So who in San Francisco will sing and be Mary?

    • M says:

      Why? The press release, as well as the title, indicates the Adams is going to be about Mary the sister of Lazarus, not Magdalene, and--given the Sellars libretto, the Latin American poetry, the three countertenors—it gives every indication of being Nino 2. They seem pretty apples and oranges to me.

  • m. croche says:


  • vendorune says:

    judging by Nixon it will have the magic dragon in it somewhere

  • verliebtenmadeleine says:

    I’d take Adams over Adamo any day.

    • Belfagor says:

      but for me, John Luther Adams is the most interesting of all -- but I don’t think such an outdoors man would bother himself with something so bourgeois and urban as opera…….