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Great moments in synergy, 2011 edition

state_of_the_unionOf all places, NY1’s “Inside City Hall” is the setting for an opera roundtable  tonight when John Adams, Peter Sellars, James Maddalena, and Peter Gelb appear on the program to discuss the impending premiere of Nixon in China at the Met. “Inside City Hall” airs at 7 p.m. tonight with a special edition after the State of the Union.


  • florezrocks says:

    OT -- watch the Placido Domingo gala in Madrid. Rene Pape’s King Phillip aria is a wonder.



    • papopera says:

      Interesting to see the cimbasso in this orchestra. Is the Met using the instrument in Rigoletto as scored for by Verdi instead of “that damned tuba”. ??

  • You have outdone even yourself with the Photoshop this time, Cieca.

  • brooklynpunk says:

    BRAVA, LA C,--!!!

    The pic put a smile on my usually grumpy mug…!

  • fartnose mcgoo says:

    Ouch. I just heard the snippet that was shown on NY1 with Maddalena singing News. That was not pleasant. Hopefully, he was just conserving his voice.

    • manou says:

      - Chi è quella
      donna bionda lassù?

      - La Maddalena.
      Ti piace?

      - È troppo bella!

    • markbargen says:

      WQXR has posted the video of the Terrence McKnight conversation with John Adams and Peter Sellars at The Greene Space here replete with performances by James Maddalena (singing “News”), Kathleen Kim (“I Am the Wife of Mao Tse-tung”), and Russell Braun (“I Am Old and Cannot Sleep”).

      I found Maddalena appalling. This wasn’t a case of “saving his voice.” Frequently there was no voice, as in an instrument of indeterminate — not approximate — pitch, and I did not find it pleasant listening. He sang many, many wrong notes. My impression was that these were errors of laziness, or of not having learned the part. I do believe it has, after all, been a while since he last performed it. This was, however, from the creator of the role. I very much hope for a remarkable turnaround in the next eight days.

      On the other hand, I found Kim very impressive. Very precise, and handling most of the frequent meter changes with ease. I don’t know enough about voice to know just what makes something difficult, but “I Am the Wife …” sure looks on paper like it’s very difficult. I’d love some comments from someone who does understand this stuff and also is familiar with the work.

      My reaction to Braun was surprise. For some reason I felt his voice was wrong for the role, but I can’t explain why. I did find the pronounced vibrato objectionable. I wondered at first if perhaps I had sort of “locked in” on Sanford Sylvan in the role, and wasn’t open to any other sound, but in recollection I didn’t have that problem with Thomas Meglioranza when he sang the role with Opera Boston back in 2004.

      Once again I’m immersing myself in this opera, this time in preparation for seeing it in the house February 15. I really love this opera. I can only afford to come down at most twice a season, and there’s no way I’d miss this.

      • florezrocks says:

        ” I don’t know enough about voice to know just what makes something difficult”

        then maybe think twice before judging opera singers like Maddalena from a performance on a WQXR show with an audience of like 40 people.
        Wait till you see it at the Met, please.

  • oh rest says:

    Obama sucks; I wish you wouldn’t show his sorry ass face on this site.

  • zinka says:

    Next week..World premiere of “Palin in Merda”