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Like she was a play or a book or a set of blueprints

all_about_annaSo stop me if you’ve heard this one: a, shall we say, mature diva gets stranded in the snow, and in her place a substitute (carefully hidden, no doubt!) gives a performance! Out of nowhere – gives a performance!  Well, according to Intermezzo, life imitated art (and what better art to imitate than All About Eve?) earlier today, December 30, when a certain, shall we say, less mature diva jumped in for Manhattan-stranded Renée Fleming at the Staatskapelle Dresden’s annual concert on the German TV’s ZDF channel. [Intermezzo]

  • Tamerlano

    I am firmly in the Netrebko camp (camp being the optimal word) on this one. She looks stunning…she does tits and ass better than anyone. The voice is getting a tad wobbly in the middle, and she’s belty at times, but she has frisson in spades and a physical freedom that is awesome to see. Poor Renee has the sexuality and allure of a school marm…and that hair is a wreck. Her voice does sound in pretty good form, though…well, save for the bobbled last note, which is always a tricky one, because people are expecting an endless silver thread of sound.

    • Bosah

      Well, if you’re a tits and ass person, yes, you should stick with Trebs. ;) I prefer classic beauty. Renee Fleming is no school marm. Never seen any “marm” look like that. lol

      You mention you’re in Trebs’ camp because of, among other things, “physical freedom” -- which I didn’t see in this particular performance, but she usually possesses in spades.

      Personally, I prefer classic looks, and a voice “in pretty good form” to one that’s a “tad wobbly” and “belty at times.”

      (This reminds me of the discussion of AP’s work in La Traviata. Acting/movement vs voice. In other cases, I find Netrebko’s voice much better than it was in Dresden, but here, the comparison is basically boils down to physical form vs. voice).

      Different strokes….. make for a more exciting time.

      (BTW, check out Fleming’s encore of “I Feel Pretty” if you’re interested. Cliche, weird camera cuts, but fun and in super voice)

    • I, too, think Fleming has the allure of a school marm. The woman was born to play Ellen Orford.

      No one has ever expended so much effort to look glamorous, to so little effect. The harder she tries, the more ridiculous she looks.

      • Bosah

        Not a Fleming fan, eh? ;)

        Well, luckily for Renee, the majority of those who have to subject themselves to looking at her seem to disagree with you. lol

        Wouldn’t be just a teeny bit of ageism in your mentality, would there? Older woman or aging woman = “school marm”?