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Dell’universo immemore…

stephen_hawkingCosmologist Stephen Hawking may be the next “documentary” character to take operatic life on the stage of the Met. According to Le Devoir, director Robert Lepage, composer Osvaldo Golijov and librettist Alberto Manguel are rumored to be collaborating on an opera for the Met’s 2015-16 season based on Hawking’s A Brief History of Time.

  • Golijov may be the only living composer whose work makes me want to hear him compose a new opera. So I’m delighted by THAT. I do wish a more … melodramatic … subject had been chosen. Queen Urraca of Zamora and El Cid, for example, with lots of Spanish/Moorish/Jewish/African/Medieval rhythms.

    Still, we must all be grateful it’s not Harbison or Heggie or Wainwrong.

    • m. croche

      Actually, now that you mention it, a Golijov opera based on The Zaragossa Manuscript by Potocki would be a big hoot.

  • Nerva Nelli

    “Not Elisabeth Höngen…”