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Happy Birthday Dame Gwyneth Jones

jones_swingThe spectacular dramatic soprano was born 74 years ago today in Pontnewynydd, Wales. She is seen below in one of her less familiar (though no less effective) roles, Hanna in Die Lustige Witwe.

And here, in a much more familiar role, Elektra:

The cher public are invited to share further YouTube clips and memories of Dame Gwyneth.

  • MacBettyBoop

    One thing none of her devoted supporters have pointed out is just how FAAAB her curtain calls always were. Worth the price of admission alone, particularly her Turandots at the ROH where the flowing frocks and set lent themselves to a grand-dame-type sweeping curtain call. While being enthusiastically pelted with daffs from the lower slips. Unforgettable. She toned it down for the BBC broadcast believe me.