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The sweet smell of success

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  • phoenix

    oh good heavens, who was it? It was a Boheme last nite, i think. Such a proprietously considerate gesture… was it accompanied by the appropo expression alluding to the “answer” … so the audience could at least imagine the ecstasy of inhaling the fragrance of one’s own body odours. This most important aspect of operatic art further justifies Smell-O-Vision being installed at these HD opera broadcast theaters!

  • Gualtier M

    Okay -- whose pits would you rather sniff? Grigolo or Garanca?

    • Do you really need to ask?!

      • Nerva Nelli

        Maybe Ban or Right Guard can underwrite a new production of THE LAST SAVAGE for Erwin Schrott.

        • Camille

          Nerva, no one nose The Last Savage anymore!

          Remember Roberta in a pith helmet? Didn’t she wield a whip, too?

          What WAS it all about, anyway--I never sorted out the plot.

          • louannd

            Well you can see it next year in Santa Fe. I understand that they (Santa Fe) are trying to sell it as sort of an operatic version of “Mad Men.” After reading the Wikipedia entry, it is difficult to see why they believe this is the time to bring it back.

    • Harry


    • Well, since you asked… Brandon Jovanovich

  • This is an gesture best kept to A Fish Called Wanda.

  • Loge

    Well, if it is Boheme it is set in France. You can insert your own stereotype.

  • vendorune

    I believe this was a Carmen topic, not Boheme.

    I personally understand people who find the smell of sweat attractive, regardless of gender or orientation.

    • Loge

      The original post was on Saturday morning. It refers to the opera the night before which was Boheme.

  • vendorune

    err… DON’T understand that was supposed to say. ^^

  • pasavant

    This has to be Gergiev. Several years ago I attended his Otello at the Met ( gloriously sung by Domingo and Vaness) . I was sitting in the very front row about two seat to the left of Mr. Gergiev. Every time that he lifted his arms there was a very strong BO odor . Fortunately the lady next to me had a bottle of eau de cologne which she kindly shpritzed on a handkerchief and waved around during intermission.

    • Harry

      That figures..Gergiev looks a grubby unwashed grot. It was reputed that peasant Nureyev used to carry hard boiled eggs in his pocket around, to eat.

  • Loge

    I took this more as a quick check to make sure he or she doesn’t stink before coming into contact with the love interest.

  • Marina in Boris Godunov and Wotan in Rheingold, I hope.