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filianoti_thumb“In the Met’s Tales of Hoffmann, Giuseppe Filianoti plays a poet defeated by life. In reality, the 36-year-old singer’s brush with tragedy had a far happier ending.”

The tenor talks to Our Own JJ in the New York Post.

  • MontyNostry

    Gosh, that’s quite a story. And it does remind us parterrians how easy it is for us to judge singers harshly (and I include myself among the harsh judges!).

  • Will

    A lovely, touching article and, as Monty says, another reason to remember that singers are not mechanical instruments like pianos or clarinets but flesh and blood artists whose physical condition is variable and sometimes fragile. Filianoti’s determination to bring his voice back is something I, for one, find admirable and I hope he can now go from success to success without further medical problems.

  • Jay

    Nice piece; good to know Filianoti found his way back. Terfel keeps saying he’s giving up Don G. (Is he doing Leporello?) Maybe the Don G is the prima for the Scala 2011-12 season; didn’t see any Don Gs listed on the La Scala site through 18 Nov. 2011.

  • Camille

    So pleased to read this story and finally have the truth come out.
    Since I heard Mr. Filianoti sing in La Rondine last year I have had an unusually sympathetic regard for him and knew not why. He seemed, to me,to express something, I don’t know how otherwise to say it, but he seemed to be singing from the bottom of his heart, albeit the voice was not always 100%. Now, thanks to this gracious article, I not only know why but I can also Bravo! to this courageous young man and wish him all the success and further recovery his courage, devotion, love and plain old hard work merit.

    • Jay

      Filianoti is singing Werther with the Washington Concert Opera May 22. He is wonderful on the La Scala Moise DVD and I also wish him all the very best and I’m glad he and La Scala have patched up their differences.

      • IdiaLegray

        Speaking of WERTHER, has anyone heard who will be replacing Villanzon in the Royal Opera Werthers this spring? There are rumors that it will be Grigolo, but that may be wishful thinking. He was superb in MANON a few months ago.

        • MontyNostry

          Maybe they will manage to get Kaufmann in, that would be a treat.

  • Camille

    Thanks, Jay, for posting this bit of information. As I will be unable to attend the Hoffmanns, I would just love to catch his Werther instead and to view the opera scene in D.C., of which I have become curious from what all I’ve read from contributors here on La Boite.

    Moise? I did not realize he would have the flexibility for Rossini. How interesting.
    Thank you.

    • Jay

      You’re welcome, Camille. In the Moise, Erwin is the Pharoan (Filianoti’s papa) and Frittoli is Elcia, with Muti conducting. I am looking forward to that Werther next May; hope you can make it.

    • operacat

      The D.C. opera scene has just become more interesting. Phillippe Auguin has been appointed Music Director of the Washington National Opera on the heels of Domingo’s departure. I loved Auguin’s conducting of FRAU and LOHENGRIN at the Met and of GOTTERDAMMERUNG in D.C. and look forward to hearing more of him here.

  • richard

    Hmmm, I know that La C has made a few comments on some of Operachic’s policies and practices. It’s possible that she is retaliating a bit.

    I enjoyed reading JJ’s very touching and (to use an old-fashioned term) heartwarming interview with Filianoti.

    Operachic had her own thread on the Hoffmann revival at the MEt and Signor Filianoti. So I thought I would post a link to JJ’s NY Post interview there. I only indicated that it was a NY Post story, not who wrote it.

    Now do you think my post with the link to JJ’s interview has appeared on the thread???


    Perhaps it’s a bit of a boycott?

    • manou

      I have a feeling La Cieca could bear this with equanimity.

      • One’s concern in this case is naturally not for one’s self but for those dozen or so readers of Opera Chic who might not be kept up to date through richard’s kind attempt at sharing this information.

        • manou


        • richard

          Yes, there does seem to be a rather tiny group that makes regular posts there.

          Myself, I just make the occasional cameo appearance to see if there is something other than the very small group of topics and personalities that appear repeatedly over , and over, and over….

          One wonders what she would do without Riccardo Muti and Roberto Bolle (one of the most boring dancers currently appearing in leading roles across at least three major companies)

        • lorenzo.venezia

          i have to admit i looked occasionally until OC ballyhooed the Julia Koch and badmouthed Wagner one time too many at which point I deleted the bookmark.

    • CruzSF

      I didn’t know people were still reading Opera Chic.