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Brassy, breezy blind items

JudyWhich American intendant (who’s straight, by the way) is about to change his anthem from one Judy Garland encore to another? And, speaking of “Over the Rainbow,” which final high-tech special effect of which very expensive new production reportedly failed to work at the (closed) dress rehearsal?

  • Feldmarschallin

    New York/Chicago were two famous Garland songs. Gelb maybe going to Chicago from NY? But she also sang San Francisco. Maybe the guy from SF going to Chicago which seems more likely than Gelb going to Chicago from the Met.

    • richard

      I’m going blank on a Garland song named “New York”.
      Liza was famous for New York, New York. But I could be missing something obvious, that’s nothing new and I’m tired.

      To keep with the songs theme, Bill Mason is retiring from
      LOC so Chicago is a likely destination for an opera general manager.

      Keeping Resi’s cities, are we talking about George Steel bailing from NYCO or David Gockley bailing from SFO? I can’t see Gelb going from the Met to LOC, that’s a step down and I think when he leaves the Met he’ll go into a different type position.

      Even going from SFO to LOC could be charitably called a lateral move but keep in mind Gockley is pushing 70.

      But on the other hand, Steel did a one night stand with the Dallas Opera and he hasn’t been with NYCO very long. He could end up a kind of dirty bird.

      Possibly all wet, but these blind items are fun.


        “Give My Regards to Broadway”?

      • Last Sunday afternoon
        I took a trip to Hackensack,
        But after I gave Hackensack the once over,
        I took the next train back.

  • some one kills me please, I know nothing about her, only “over the rainbow”, I do not know what else she did….help……


    But wait. There’s “The Trolley Song” from “Meet Me in St. Louis.” St. Louis guy is going to Chicago by way of San Francisco with a stopoff in Kansas to change shoes. Or maybe Pocatello, Idaho.

  • madclark

    I’m guessing, just randomnly, but it seems this is a transfer between [I left my heart in] San Francisco and Chicago [Chicago, that toddlin town…]. Mason is leaving Chicago after the 2011/2012 season according to his bio so I’m guessing Gockley is making the switch.

    I’m also guessing over the rainbow refers to the Met’s Reingold with the rainbow bridge (to nowhere?).

    Do I win a prize? :-)

    • madclark

      Can I cover my bets though? Is it someone from [the Atchison, Topeka, and the] Santa Fe going to Chicago?

      • madclark

        OK, I’m really covering my bases now, and even though I think it could be too early for him to move on, what about [Meet me in] St. Louis [Louis] Timothy O’Leary to Chicago?

        • mrmyster

          Well, I think it is time for La Cieca to tell us what she knows or has heard. As to MacKay leaving Santa Fe, he really just got here and is
          beginning to function fully. He is well liked and I am sure his board,
          the leadership of which is strong and commands much moolah and
          respect, and the company seem well-pleased with MacKay. Likewise,
          Tom O’Leary is still learning the ropes in St. Louis and it is his first
          job in general mangement, and he is well regarded. I would be very
          much surprised if either one, except for personal reasons that I
          don’t know about, were to change positions just now. Five years…
          eight…could be. Of course this could happen, but unlikely.
          Gockley at the time Mason was given the job was considered at
          Chicago; I don’t know if he actually got an offer, but he told me “who
          would want to work in that shoebox opera house?” Umm……well,
          money can change many minds. I do not think Gockley’s intendancy
          in San Francisco has yet been that distinguished; but given a very
          strong Ring Cycle next year and the discovery of some important new
          talent — that could quickly change. Remember how SFO used to
          introduce wonderful new singers to America, who soon became quite
          famous and successful??? Dove sono?
          I wonder what is LOC’s timeframe for filling the post?

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    Domingo will be the President of MGM?

    • brooklynpunk

      Speaking of Domingo….

      The premier of Daniel Catan’s IL POSTINO is being broadcast live on the Los Angeles classical station this evening starting at 6 pm PST.


      • Max Zook

        I got stuck at work, and happened to tune in to the last fifteen minutes. It sounded liked I missed a great evening — I guess it’s time to hunt for tickets …

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    Special effect? The Tosca double forgot to change costumes?
    They pressed the switch for Niebelheim to appear and the last act of the Zeffirelli Tosca arose from the basement?

  • m. croche

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    And who will go to San Francisco? An American? Mr. Adler would never have viewed SFO as a stepping stone to Chicago! Vergogna.

  • justanothertenor

    It must be David Gockley, who is straight, going from “San Francisco” to “Chicago”

    • HarryKessler

      Gockley is straight? You must be kidding. I don’t think there is any other figure in the management field in America about whom there has been more speculation (and, in the end, who cares?) I remember well a classical music radio fund-raiser where a retired baritone regaled his colleagues (Off air) with tales of DG’s outside-the-sacred-bonds-of-marriage romps in Houston. Personally, I was glad to hear that that chilly, moody and tightly-wound personality got it on a bit now and then.

      If Gockley goes to Chicago, it will be unfortunate. Not least, it will demonstrate that the butterfly theory of arts management has triumphed again; it will also break the chain of succession that has been unbroken since the company’s founding; and it will be to the everlasting sorrow of the board or search committee that recommends his engagement.

      The alternatives? George Steele, no, not yet tempered enough; Charles McKay? A member of the Great Sisterhood….bit by bit, it appears that Gockley may be the only alternative. But if the committee thinks that straightness has anything to do with it….well, there hasn’t been a legitimately “strsight” GM in SF since Mr. Adler.

  • CwbyLA

    OK so who was at LA Opera’s Il Postino tonight?

  • La Valkyrietta

    How about ‘Nina from Trinidad’?

    Here’s paraphrasing another one: “Picture Ferdinand without Isabella… that’s the picture of the Met without Gelb”.

  • havfruen

    James Levine, of course. In the words of Fred Allen, ” I have just returned from Boston. It’s the only thing to do if you’re there.”

  • Gualtier M

    “The Man That Got Away”???

  • Signor Bruschino

    This guy is in charge of the rainbow now:

    • Quanto Painy Fakor

      Gee, they could have saved 12 million dollars at the MET by just acquiring the rights to that video!

  • longtimelistener

    Evidently the first encore of Judy’s concert at Cargnegie Hall was “San Francisco” and the second was “Chicago.” I think LaC is just pulling a red herring when she gives us a clip of “I Happen to Like New York.” But as Henny Youngman would say “Take George Steel…please!”

  • m. croche

    Good news for the Rainbow Sister: backup rainbow currently being tested in Guangzhou --

  • La Valkyrietta

    Didn’t a guy who wrote software for this Ring technical nonsense got away?

    Anyway, it took a lot of dough, viper tongues say, not to give Judy and Oscar for that.

    • longtimelistener

      LOL dude, according to the Times Holger Förterer suffered a “breakdown” and was replaced by something called “” Rheingold&st=cse&scp=1

    • Uninvolved Bystander

      Worse, Best Song that year was “Three Coins in the Fountain.” Arlen and Gershwin were robbed.

      • IrmgardFreund

        Is there a list of ALL the Sirius live Met broadcasts for the new season. Last year we had it in time. Waiting for each week to be announced is tiresome (or “tarsome” as Georgie might say). Can anyone help?

    • melisma catatonia

      Grace Kelly won that year, no doubt in honor of her servicing the studio bosses.

  • Valmont

    From today’s NY Times: “Alas, the machine malfunctioned in the final scene, when the planks did not move into place to form the rainbow bridge to Valhalla. So the gods just wandered off the stage. Given the complexity of the device, it’s a wonder that it worked so well on its debut night.”