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The art of the non sequitur

patriceLa Cieca wishes she could write a caption so deadpan.

  • Well shit, having a husband and kids takes no luck or skill. What’s so special about that?

    Having a career, well…you’d better feel blessed because god knows it doesn’t take just talent. And sometimes it takes none at all!

    It really is a superior caption though.

    • dame ernestine sherman tank

      Obviously you have neither Husband or Kids, Salomanda. It takes a considerable amount of skill!!! idiot.

  • Gualtier M

    I suspect that the role pictured here is Lalume in “Kismet” (though in my wildest dreams she would be performing Thais and in my living room…).

    BTW: I found out the story behind Ms. Munsel’s failed comeback at the Met in “Erwartung” that Nerva Nelli alerted us to. When Jessye found out that the chorus boys were going to carry Patrice aloft during the dance numbers she was mortified. She knew there were going to be snickering comments about “they didn’t try that with Jessye Normous”. So she used her clout to get it stopped. True story. (;

    • Gualtier M

      This costume also could serve for Norma Desmond’s last entrance down the stairs in the final “scena della pazzia” in “Sunset Boulevard”. In the mid-nineties there was a rumor going around Broadway that Pat Munsel was the standby in the show.

      Brian Kellow in Opera News got to the nitty gritty:

      “There’s no truth to the rumor that PATRICE MUNSEL is GLENN CLOSE’s standby in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Broadway hit Sunset Boulevard. “But I think it’s a wonderful idea,” laughs the soprano, who’s no stranger to the rigors of musical theater, having trotted across the country in tours of Applause, Mame and countless other road-show musicals.”

      An opportunity missed. A friend of mine sent a note to The Really Useful Theatre Co. and Andrew Lloyd Webber demanding that Anja Silja play Norma in the Berlin production.

      • Konrad Swollenrod

        Or perhaps it’s from her turn as the Shemakhanskaya Tsaritsa from Le Coq d’Or at the Met, when the conductor was Emil Cooper who had also conducted the world premiere of this work in 1909 in Moscow (incidentally, not at the Bolshoi). I’d love to see a production of Le Coq d’Or at the Met, as I think it hasn’t been seen there since 1945, or thereabouts.

        • papopera

          I’ll buy that wholeheartedly….COQ D’OR is an absolute masterpiece & the Met should revive it while Dessay is around.

        • richard

          No the Met hasn’t done it for a long time.

          But NYCO did a production in the 60s with Norman Treigle and the much hated Sills. And this was revived a few times into the 70s. The production was a bit heavy handed and survives on a very dim video based on a NYC cable TV telecast.

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    • Quanto Painy Fakor

    • “Is our mystery guest the Primadonna from Ariadne auf Naxos?”

  • tatiana

    Wow, Salomanda! All she said was that she felt blessed to have them. And actually, to have a successful marriage and healthy, happy children DOES take work and care and effort.

    • oh rest

      right on!!!

      • Oh please. I didn’t say just anyone could have a SUCCESSFUL marriage and kids. Of course not everyone is fit to raise kids which is why I don’t have any myself.

        But having a husband and kids is in itself no great achievement.

        • armerjacquino

          Surely saying that one feels ‘blessed’ for something is the opposite of claiming it as an achievement?

        • LittleMasterMiles

          More to the point, saying that one feels blessed to have something amounts to saying that those who lack it are cursed.

        • CruzSF

          Not exactly, Little MM. It’s more like saying that those who lack something are not worthy of having it.

        • Bluessweet

          One: A great achievement? Could be, if the family unit is happy and productive. With the divorce rate as high as it is, having a working marriage and kids IS an achievement, wouldn’t you think? Even more so if your occupation takes you away for long periods at a time.

          Two: No, in my experience, people that say they are blessed do not generally put others in any category at all. Mostly, the people I hear say something such as that are humble, not only in their persona but, in reality, in what they are claiming the blessing about. Here’s an example: I’m blessed with good health. If I say that, I do not draw any inference as to anyone else’s character or worthiness. Indeed, I know that several others may even be in better health and I in no way impute that those who suffer deserve do so because of some character flaw. Smokers under about fifty are excepted from that general statement. Can’t you read the label?

          Anyway, I think the posters who are parsing this to the negative are just looking for an argument.

        • CruzSF

          Shoot, I was aiming for humor but clearly failed. I’ll stick with earnestness for now.

        • peter

          Cruz, you had me fooled. I was beginning to wonder …

        • CruzSF

          I’d hoped that the ridiculousness of my statement would have indicated the joke. But I understand people not wanting to be discount the over-the-top, esp. here. :-)

        • dame ernestine sherman tank

          You are truly a stupid little bitch, aren’t you?

  • MontyNostry

    For a moment I thought that picture was of Dame Kiri. And as for Richard Tucker and his widow’s peak (see You Tube clip above), he always reminds me of Grandpa in The Munsters.

  • MontyNostry

    Talking of Tucker’s widow’s peak, I just love the battling toupees in this clip. Alvaro and Carlo are on their way to one big broiges here. Love those two voices going at it …

    • The Vicar of John Wakefield

      Not a patch on Craig and Glossop.

      • mrmyster

        And Vicar, don’t forget the duo of
        David Rendell and John Brownlee!
        Boy could they burn the barn down!

  • Clita del Toro

    Pure camp.

  • I feel so blessed to have had no kids and a lot of husbands- other people’s. :)

  • Patrice Munsel’s Salome! What a night that was! I’ll never forget it. Then, the next night, Birgit Nilsson sang her first Eliza Doolittle in New York….

  • jatm2063

    Did they have body waxing back then? Or did she just shave?

    • mrmyster