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eva_mendes“Greek Fire…. will see [Eva] Mendes playing the role of famed opera singer Maria Callas, but don’t expect her to be doing any arias, or even lip-synching for that matter. Instead, the biographical drama will focus on Callas’ scandalous affair with shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis.” [Toronto Sun]

  • Clita del Toro

    No, no

  • Melot's Younger Brother

    Glynis Johns took on Madame Armfeldt in “A Little Night Music” here in LA about 18 years ago or so.

  • Melot's Younger Brother

  • OlivePratt

    Obama has callas on his IPOD…. said so on the view.
    the real callas is still compelling. films made about her always fall flat. Eve Mendes. so wrong. Who today could play her really.?
    Year ago I would have said Ann Bancroft, hands down after turning point…. she would have been great

  • Melot's Younger Brother

  • Constantine A. Papas

    It’s amazing; so many comments for such a stupid thing. it’s going to be a flop anyway. Mendes playing Callas is like powering a Ferrari with a lawnmower engine.

  • Cate Blanchet would have been great. She has the dignity, the vulnerability and the passion.

  • Clita del Toro

    I really don’t care who plays Callas in another of “those” films and I won’t go to see it. If they ever get it right (no hope for that), I’d like to see the story of her musical life, not life with that pig, Onassis--“Love Me or Leave Me”.

  • luvtennis

    Callas has been done to death. Literally.

    I think they should do a movie about Renata, Leontyne and Joan and how they hated Maria and wanted her to die, and then felt badly after it happened. Joan, of course, will struggle with her own marital issues in the film. Leontyne struggles with her interracial affair with a famous former Nazi conductor, Mr. Not so big. And Renata? Well, let’s just say there will be surprises.

    Sort of like “Sex and the City: Samantha Bites the Big One”

    • Camille

      Luvtennis — I would LOVE to see your movie instead!!!

      Sort of reminds me of “Valley of the Dolls”, or as it is known on the continent “La Vallee des Poupees”.

      Who would be Big Renata, for starters?

      • As long as there’s room in the cast for Gilles Marini

      • luvtennis

        Megan Fox as Maria
        Beyonce as Leontyne (of course!)
        Jennifer Garner as Joan (chin)
        The lady from Glee and 40 year old Virgin as Renata…

        • Camille

          Megan Fox -- ok skinny but bitcky
          Beyonce — That would be wonderful
          Jennifer Garner? Kinda Jen X. I’m not so sure of -- couldn’t we do better? Joan had that Scottish haggis gritty determination about her, not to mention the marital situation -- oh god, she’s married to Affleck — ok. Now I think it’s a good iidea.

          The Glee lady I am totally unaware of and the only forty year old virgin I know of has a day job.

          It is a wonderful idea for a film and I hope you find the necessary funds.

          PS -- couldn’t we get the favolosa Monica Bellucci in there, as ANNA MOFFO? I Am sure Sanford would approve.

        • Gualtier M

          You know Big Renata, Joanie and Lee Price all recorded for London Decca in the sixties. This makes me think: what about the three divas as a crime-fighting trio? With Terry McEwen as their mentor? Divas by day, crime-fighting international agents by night. Or vice-versa. You know: TERRY’S ANGELS.

          Add in Jack Black as Terry McEwen and you have a working concept. Can’t cast Big Renata though…

        • Or they can be the Voice Police. Leontyne will chastise singers with poor legato and floated high notes. Joan will teach people a thing or two about coloratura. And Renata would teach people how to sing Verismo. And the ladies could have running gags and practical jokes. Leontyne and Joan will make fun of Renata’s flat high notes. Leontyne and Renata will feign boredom at Joan’s singing, or take cheap shots at her lack of consonants. And Joan and Renata can make fun of the size of Leontyne’s voice (“It’s not really as big as she’d have you believe” wink, wink).

        • Gualtier M

          I am also considering having Terry’s Angels who are fighting for justice and the divaish way pitted against the Evil Empire of Angel/EMI headed by the diabolical Walter Legge and his ice-blonde former Nazi wife Lizzie Blackhead. That leaves Callas either a pathetic dupe trapped by the villains or else we go for the uber-bitch Callas working for evil and vanquished by Terry’s Angels in the exciting finale played out on Aristotle Onassis’ yacht. Maybe Jackie O can get in on the action there.

          This smells like 100 million the first week at the box office to me….

        • And really, we ought to throw Birgit into the mix, n’est-ce pas? Her trademark would be leaving behind a pair of comfortable shoes after each assignment.

        • Camille

          OH YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Luv, luv, LUV Terry’s Angels!

          Yes to Birgit’s shoes and don’t leave out Moffo and Crespin. Crespin can be a former French Freedom Fighter who infiltrates Bayreuth to get the Goods on The Nazis.

          Oh, and believe correct appellation is “Bessie” Blackhead.

          I’m faxing Harvey Weinstein right now….

        • Gualtier M

          Kashania @

          I think that vocal police practical jokes and banter could be the “Bruce Willis” playful sparring between jobs. You know:

          Big Renata: Leontyne, ve reallah knocked dose spies flat on der behinds!

          Leontyne: Flatter than the high C at the end of “O Patria Mia” on yoah “Aida” recording, Big Renata!

          Big Renata: O ju think you so big shot Leontyne jes’ cause you got gooda high C. You not as big soprano as people think, Big Renata bigger than you flat high C or no!

        • What I think we need here is a core cast of three or four angels, with other divas making guest appearance (both as heroines and villains). Oh, the fun the ladies will have with guest appearances by Bubbles, Monserrat, Leyla, Little Renata. I imagine that the mezzos would be the villains, except for Christa, who would be a mothering type. (I don’t know why).

        • luvtennis

          The big question is who gets the 80s style “getting-into-shape” or “getting-over-that-MAN-by-having-an-all-girls (plus gay guy friend) SHOPAPALOOZA” musical montage!

          Or should we go darker and give one of them a serious drug problem -- that can be solved in an 80s style musical montage, of course. Gotta have them montages.

        • Camille

          Harvey Weinstein has said Oh Yes! To your script, fellows.

          I want Marion Cotillard as Regine. Her segment is called “Operation Kundry”.

        • Camille

          Big Renata Alert!

          Quite true that no one can be found to play her as the mold has been broken, however, you may hear her at this very moment in a broadcast of Adriana Lecouvreur on Sirius.
          “Bene, benissimo! Cosi, cosi.
          Che fascino, che accento,

          quanto semplicita, com’e profonda ed umana,
          men sincera e la stessa verita!”

    • Here, here! I want someone to produce luvt’s film.

  • Harry

    Surely Sanford, you have to give up that diet of yours…’wanting toffee on a stick’ for 3 meals a day.

  • A. Poggia Turra

    Zac Efron to play the role of Onassis’ valet!