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Social notes from the Left Coast

Party_SFJumpingClappingMan deserves a long, loud round of applause for organizing the first gathering of Parterre’s SF Chapter (artist’s conception of the scale of the event pictured above). The highlight of the afternoon was our host’s heart-rending, toe-tapping, gut-wrenching account of “Signore ascolta,” soon to be a major motion picture thanks to Chang‘s Zeffirelli-scale direction and camera work. Wenarto, look to your laurels!  

Publicity still personally approved by JumpingClappingMan.

Publicity still personally approved by JumpingClappingMan.

SFGuy made a suitably austere Timur, William‘s heroics as Calaf left everyone in … stitches? … and John furnished superb tech support. Frank ran the stills camera and your scribe managed to keep the cue card aloft in spite of a vicious attack from a hungry gunnera bush. Conspicuous by their absence were Cruz, Baritenor and several others too numerous to mention. In short, a good time was had by all and everybody should be out of the hospital in time for Christmas.

  • Baritenor

    Baritenor regrets his absence, but I was in Walnut Creak yesterday performing in THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE. If I can plug myself so shamelessly, this is one of the finest productions I’ve been involved in, and a whole lot of fun. We’re in Napa this weekend, followed by performances in Mountain View, San Francisco and Livermore, and I invite all Parterrians with access to the Bay Area to have a good time and see me where a truely ridiculous hat. for more info.

    • Thanks for the festive recap Batty. I’m certain that avoiding such divisive topics as “Studer is God,” “Callas is Filth,” and so on allowed us to convene with swords down ;-)

      What Batty failed to mention is that we came together despite the notorious Mark Twain summer in SF (more akin to a winter in Alaska).

      A truly “only in san francisco” moment happened too when a crew of eccentrics (perhaps rivaling us) decked out in Goth/Victorian attire showed up with a feast (roast beast?) in hand, and it become clear they too had gathered peeps together online to party IN THE SAME PAGODA…ala Tim Burton/”Alice in Wonderland!”

      Us opera queens and the Goth/Victorians peacefully coexisted. No doubt the bel canto, verismo and early music selections blasting from my portable speakers enhanced their dreary poser party (jk…they were really lovely to us).

      Until next time (OR, until the final cut of our faboo video goes public!). We look forward to another gathering possibly in late september/early october.

      • emeraldlulu

        Darling! So glad to see you on parterre so often…and as an “official” SF Chapter. I love the story about the Goth party -- so SF. Since I seem to be keeping you up to date on my summer opera goings (like Maria di Rohan), I’ll fill you in on my visit to Bard next week. Love from NYC -- HM.

        • hey babe!!! indeed, keep me posted. wish i could join ya at bard! next time i’m in sf…we must share a drink, meal or show. g’day!

  • oopsies…i meant “in ny.”