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Blinded item

blind_thumbWhich tenor, who’s notorious for his off-the-chain antics, recently gave his colleagues the willies when he sauntered about backstage butt-naked?

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    Mark Dellavan? Na, I guess it must have been Alagna.

  • Pics or it didn’t happen!

  • Rolando is back!

  • Il Conte di Drewski

    Hmmm… wondering if ‘the willies’ might be a clue. I’ve heard Bill Burden is a pretty hilarious guy, could it be him??

    • jfmurray3

      Wasn’t Bill Burden chained up with either Domingo or Nathan Gunn (or both) in Iphegenie en Tauride?

      • Hippolyte

        Yeah, Gunn, Glimmerglass, 1997.

    • nah, it just means everyone got the willies… because the tenor in question was Johan Botha.


        Well, really UnZer ! Chacun a son yuch.

  • bigbob56

    Off-the-chain might be the clue to Alagna now that he’s separated from Gheorghiu…Besides Alagna and Kaufmann would there be any tenor we would want to see naked ?

    • Strephon

      After Manon, Vittorio Grigolo.


      Stephen Costello, Michael Fabiano, Juan Diego Florez, Larry Brownlee, Walther Pondman, and James Valenti, but only if he promises not to sing.

      • oedipe

        Can one pick? Like in: I’ll take X, leave you all the others?


      Oh, and Klaus Florian Vogt.

      • enzo

        Also Bill Burden and Alek Shrader.


          Brandon Jovanovich, Charles Castronovo — the list is mounting.

          (Mounting ! ! ) I’ll be on the veranduh.

        • CruzSF

          Castronovo? Chacun a son gout, of course… Maybe Vallenti can lipsync to Castronova’s voice …


          Lipsynch? ? Hmmmm ! That might be impractical for the time being.

        • CruzSF

          that veranduh’s going to be awfully crowded soon…

        • Charlie Castronovo is a pretty hot guy. I wouldn’t dare, cause i know him, but in a moment of madness, i would consider it

        • Said it, will say it again. Looks like he’s been separated at birth from Disney’s Alladin, Castronovo does. Not a bad thing at all.

          anyway, a chance to hear his utterly delightful spouse, the pure toned Siurina

  • Scott Rose

    Whoever it was is a tenore non di grazia.

    • manou

      Ma di grazie?

  • chicagokok

    I don’t think this is realated to the blind item, but I have it on good authority that this story is true:

    A few years ago when Jonas Kaufmann was here in Chicago performing in “Manon,” someone saw him walking out of his dressing room completely naked. While he stood there and got water (or something rather mundane) someone asked him why he was undressed. His reply: I’m auditioning for the next Nathan Gunn vehicle.


  • Harry

    So what’s the big deal? Well no one is saying whether the creature was also being anti social as well……… pissing in a wash basin or something worse; doing a ‘Howard Hughes’


      In the United States, we take our nudity very seriously. Several of our wealthier posters were born fully clothed.

  • operaddict

    Oh come on, you all! It’s got to be Mr. Cura!

    • dallasuapace

      He was recently in Edgar, but not Le Villi.

    • callasorphan

      Now, I’d would not mind seeing that--come here Jose!

  • What a rollercoaster this thread has been. From the delightful prospect of William Burden or Jose Cura to the horrific prospect of Johan Botha.

    In any case, please make some room for me on the veranduh.

    • manou

      Time to turn the sprinkler on that veranduh.

      • True ’nuff. Iced tea (no matter how iceed) sho’ ain’t gonna cut it this time.

  • hagenschmagen

    I wonder if “off the chain” refers to being away from the “ball and chain” of the wife. Any notorious married tenors that are well known Lotharios? Certainly that takes Burden out of the running…

  • maxzook

    OT, I just heard Margaret Juntwait between acts of Fidelio on Sirius announce “the opera by Ludwig Van Beethoven”.

  • Melot's Younger Brother

    “Blinded?” Who’s been singing Samson?