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Star-spangled girl

Team_americaThe birthday of our nation provides yet one more opportunity for “America’s Diva” Renée Fleming to demonstrate that she is indeed the Patti of our day.

No, not Adelina so much, more like Sandi.

Glory, glory

  • I could not take much of that, Sandi Patti should be insulted, but I doubt she will.

    By the way, for those interested. ARTE will be broadcasting (and webcasting) a Don Giovanni from Aix-en-Provence today at 9:30 PM in France, (3:30 EST, 12:30 PST) Cast includes:

    * Don Gionanni: Bo Skovhus
    * Leporello: Kyle Ketelsen
    * Masetto: David Bizic
    * Don Ottavio: Colin Balzer
    * Donna Anna: Marlis Petersen
    * Donna Elvira: Kristine Opolais
    * Zerlina: Kerstin Avemo
    * Commendatore: Anatoli Kotscherga

    Check here at the correct time in your time zone:

    The production will eventually travel to Canada and several countries in Europe, but no guarantees of another telecast.

    • bassoprofundo

      I think you’ve posted this on every possible opera related site imaginable….

      • and your complaint is….

        Not everyone here is a member or every opera group, I know that for a fact, so what is your complaint. Could be worse, it could pass and you could hear about it weeks after is was dome and you could have missed the oportunity to check it out and see a pro doing roles that eventually you will want to sing.

        So you are very welcomed for noticing my thoroughness

        • SF Guy

          This is the only opera site I check on a regular basis, and I’m sure there are quite a few others like me. Nothing wrong with thoroughness!

        • Il faut parterre

          Lindoro Almaviva…you really CAN’T please everybody, can you?
          I occasionally visit other opera sites, but La Cieca’s Cavern is the only one I check every day, usually more than once.
          So, THANK YOU for the info! It’s useful and deserves to be widely disseminated (inseminated?).
          If it wasn’t for your post here, I would have missed the boat.

        • Donna Carlo

          May I add my hearty appreciation too? Like so many others here, Parterre is my only “daily.” I would have missed this treat entirely if not for your thoroughness.

          Doesn’t that last word look straight out of Chaucer? “Ye mooste be tha Prince o Thrughnesse.”

          Thank you so much, Prince.

        • ipomoea

          Thank you, and please keep it up. A true service to a small sliver of humanity.

  • atalaya

    I appreciate it. Thx for posting.

  • Olivero is my Drug of Choice

    I ADORE Sandi Patti. She’s a guilty pleasure of mine. She sings with gusto and unparalleled commitment.

    • NYCOQ

      Waaaaay back in high school when I belonged to several choirs (yes, one of them was a praise/gospel choir) I used to worship Sandy Patti. Fast forward 25 years later and JEESUS she just reeks! That was awful, but in a country where Palin could possibly win in 2012 I guess there’s no accounting for tastes

  • judycadanna

    I know a chorusmaster who would say during rehearsals that at certain points, he wanted a “big fat Baptist Sandi Patti vibrato”.
    You may draw your own conclusions about which words in that phrase were the modifiers and which were the modified.

  • My in-laws (and the BF) were at one point members of the church where Sandy Patty worships in Anderson, IN. We actually worshiped with her one Christmas and she and her husband (a gay marriage if I have ever seen one) sang. Nice people.

    When my sister-in law was to be married I suggested that the location of the wedding read: St. Sandy Patty’s in Anderson IN. She refused, but the name stuck with me. When I am invited to church there I ask if we are going to St. Sandy Patty’s and everyone knows what am I referring to.

  • Vox

    Sandy Patti sounds like something I might find in a cat litter box.

  • calaf47

    Except Sandi Patti would not have been FLAT on the final upper note. Poor Renee…this is very sad.

    • operadunce

      Try this calaf47 and you won’t feel sad.

      • calaf47

        After that….I feel WORSE!!!!!

      • for those interested, I just read in that website that there will be a free webcasting of an all Mahler recital with Thomas Hampson and Wolfram Rieger on July 7th at 1 PM GMT (whatever that is if you timezone)

    • louannd

      This made my day!

      • LogeLizard

        Ahh, my first Musetta!