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Scotto sings again

scotto_thumbThe tutelary goddess of performs a few phrases of La bohème — in 2010.


  • wladek says:

    for sheer fakery this mad lucy bit takes the prize, was that odd last note a
    something or other . They should have thrown bowls of sushi at her . But to
    be fair as is everyone here , she did
    have a half page of some hopeful artisty ,then she went on to cover
    her inability to sing correctly what was written. But — it is better than
    the unbearable Sutherland yodel
    that many take as singing .

  • Ruxton says:

    ardath- sorry but your statement about Scotto not being identified with a single role that “somebody else didn’t do better” is probably one of the most stupid assertions I’ve ever read- you could make that statement about every singer alive or dead.
    Obviously you haven’t heard though- for many years it was said her Butterfly was as close to definitive as you could get.

    • armerjacquino says:

      Plus, if one *is* going to play the asinine ‘Who’s best?’ game, it would be hard to think of a better Angelica.

  • brooklynpunk says:




  • brooklynpunk says:

    This is what I meant to post before,,,,SORRY…!

  • Stephilius says:

    That first clip? Mimi’s death? I cried! The great Scotto!

  • Alto says:

    I find Pappano very appealing in that opening clip of La Cieca’s. Is the full series of three shows available in the U.S.?