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Opera chat line makes the big time

judyathome“A report was posted soon after on, an opera blog, that Mr. Slatkin had been removed from further performances.” [NYT]

  • Constantine A. Papas

    Well, La Cieca has been crowned as the Met’s big-time insider for ever. What a steal, even for April Fool Day. Bravo!

  • Nerva Nelli

    Brava Diva!

    So now we know what TT looks at on the web between Barihunks sessions.

  • Olivero is my Drug of Choice

    “The Whole World Is Watching!”

  • pavel

    Félicitations, L’Aveugle!

  • Nerva Nelli


    HGO: No Horrid Americans Need Apply!

    “Houston Grand Opera (HGO) announced today: Francis Greep will join the company as head of music staff and music director of the HGO Studio”

    Huzzah for West Australia!

  • flamingopera

    Marco Armiliato will do the april 4, TBA will do April 7, Steven White will do April 10 and Yves Abel will do the four remaining performances

  • OlivePratt

    The Midgette Version of the Parterre BOX, Classical Beat
    recalls our doyenne as well and a casual further propaganda for OperaChic who is a cypher really and some dull story about Dmitri and co. Congrats to JJ and to Parterre Box and really the cast of Traviata. A change was deserved/

    I was sorely tempted to post a spoof entry for April Fool’s Day, yet was held back by the attendant risk. After all, when Leonard Slatkin posted a joke entry about what he planned to do about performance practice on his blog some months ago, many people thought he was dead serious. (Slatkin has his own troubles to contend with this April 1 after what sounds like a disastrous outing this week in his first-ever “Traviata” at the Metropolitan Opera. EDITED TO ADD: This is no April Fool’s joke: ParterreBox reports, and the Met press office confirms, that Slatkin has “withdrawn for personal reasons” for the remainder of the “Traviata” run.)

    The ever-wonderful Opera Chic indirectly points to ….bla bla bla…..”

  • Conductor Leonard Slatkin has decided to withdraw from the Metropolitan Opera production of Verdi’s “La Traviata,” believing that his artistic contribution, which he feels he has thoroughly prepared, does not however coincide with the musical ideas of the ensemble. He wishes the members of the orchestra and musical colleagues well for the remaining performances.

    Oh, honey, apparently nobody told you that when you have a set of principals and chorus that (like them or not) can sing their roles and probably someone else’s as well, and the ensembles are still falling apart; then the problem is YOU.

    I know AG gets criticized for, as other people say it, having a passing acquaintance with rhythm, but when artists like Hampson, who are scrupulous musicians are also having issues, then it is not that their musical ideas are in direct conflict with yours. The problem, you see, is that you are unable to offer any support for them and they can not do their jobs because they have to carry you and the orchestra as well as the pounds of make up, costumes and musical details thrown on top of them by the composer and the company.

    Save all the face you want, but there are some people out in the world who actually have knowledge of how the shit is supposed to go and are able to recognize who the weakest link in the proceedings is.

  • operaman50

    Lindoro: NAIL ON THE HEAD !!!

  • Scott Rose

    Il Traviato.



  • Veloce49

    Check the Chat from that night’s performance.
    I was the first to say HE would not be back.
    And good riddance to him

  • As the kids nowadays say: Woot, woot!

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    Gelb should have tossed this bone to his wife, who must be frustrated not to have the opportunity to flail at the MET orchestra too. I don’t think anybody would have minded.

  • operadent

    An ovation for our doyenne!

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    That “Vanity Fair” article is a little sickening too:

  • operaspike

    BRAVO! Lindoro @ #8 Where’s Kurt Herbert Adler when we need him? Oh right, still dead…pity.

  • OlivePratt

    the vanity fair piece is right, last line paraphrased,in this propaganda dire piece of PR, “He is running out of time”….. tic toc.

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    So have at it guys. You can contact me privately through my blog if you want, that way Cieca carissima will not see her threat hijacked by some unrelated posting.

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    This calls for a celebration: