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Opera chat line makes the big time

judyathome“A report was posted soon after on, an opera blog, that Mr. Slatkin had been removed from further performances.” [NYT]

  • Lucky Pierre

    wow… lindoro, when was the last time you conducted an opera? oh never???? then maybe you need to shut up again.

    this is an opera chat line? i thought it was a blog. or a message board. or a bitch fest. silly me.

    did anyone else catch the aida on ch. 13 in NYC tonight? at the end, they showed that short film of levine, norman and battle rehearsing ariadne. oh my, that goes back almost 20 yrs… can’t believe how girlish and all coy kathy and jessye are — although, as eccentric as jessye was, she was never psycho like kathy. she was all sweet to jimmeeee, who comes off as a child molester… that was hysterical.

  • poisonivy

    I saw Aida tonight on Ch. 13. I really long for the day Violetta Urmana is no longer the all purpose go-to spinto soprano, because I find very little that’s appealing about her voice. Tremulous, harsh, no beauty or opulence or float. That being said I loved Dolora Zajick still tearing up the stage as Amneris, and enjoyed Johan Botha’s Radames more than I thought I would. And I loved the Cecille B. DeMille sets. I think Aida is one opera where this approach works.

  • queen amahelli

    The question to ask is, why on earth was Leonard Slatkin ever considered for the job in the first place?

    I remember a spectacular conductor/singer bust up in the mid ’80’s in London, at the BBC Proms, when Gennady Rozhdestvensky conducted the complete Trojans, with la Jessye. It was truly scary -- much flailing, and all eyes on the leader. Jessye had apparently said ‘it’s him or me’ when Rozhdestvensky refused to adopt her tempo -- there had been an outburst in full rehearsal from her on the lines of ‘Of course it’s not together, it doesn’t GO like this’ -- and in the performance, as soon as the maestro took his bow, she scowled and marched off the stage.

    Rozhdesetvensky -- who can a visionary conductor in the Russian rep -- was also booked -- God knows why -- to conduct Massenet’s ‘Cherubin’ at ROH -- but the director effected his removal, as the production fell to bits at his galumphing tempo -- a souffle turned into rancid borscht.

  • Lucky Pierre

    poisonivy, i sort of agree with you, i kept thinking, the soft singing is not her best attribute; and what a contrast to botha, whose voice sounds like one, rather than from 2 different people. i must say, i’m not a huge fan or dolora’s tone — i do enjoy the volume and intensity though, but at least her voice much more even than urmana’s. botha can be surprisingly sweet and lyrical, and i enjoyed him in the flesh in this role.

    i only got home in time to catch the beginning of “o patria mia,” and the titles rolled too fast. who was the amonasro? at last, a thin person in that cast!!!!

    queen, it’s been mentioned already that slatkin was initially hired to conduct “ghosts of versailles,” which was replaced by this “traviata.”

  • queen amahelli

    I missed that Lucky Pierre, but they’re not exactly compatible pieces! Or do egocentric maestri expect to be able to conquer every peak? Imagine if Boulez’s ‘House of the Dead’ had been replaced with ‘La fille du regiment’ — or Gergiev turned up to conduct Monteverdi…………

  • wow… lindoro, when was the last time you conducted an opera? oh never???? then maybe you need to shut up again.

    when was the last time you sang an entire role, in make up, with an orchestra and a conductor who can not keep up and support what you want to do?

    That’s what I thought, you have no clue but have a need to look like you do know what you are talking about.

    Once again, rather than throw insults and feel that you do not need to support your comments, give us your experiences.

    I could talk about several times, how amy can you talk about you raging idiot?

  • warmke

    Oh yes, Lindoro, please tell us about how your distinguished work with Indianapolis Opera chorus gives you the deep insights on Maestro Slatkin’s failings. Oh, and yes, I have conducted Traviata, so don’t waste time with the obvious cheap comeback, while carefully referring to “Carissima Cieca” to cover your ass for hijacking every thread on this site.