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  • Quanto Painy Fakor: All I ever get from observing Luisotti is a sense of possible narcissim. 8:05 PM
  • Quanto Painy Fakor: Well if one considers the ugly mug Terfel had do deal with at the MET, Konieczny would warm TT’s heart. Now that... 7:57 PM
  • Indiana Loiterer III: And complaining about dissonant “modernism&# 8221; in 2015? What American composers could they be complaining... 7:22 PM
  • manou: (P.S. and a Scarpia is a very bad man) 7:15 PM
  • phoenix: EL Zambo is going after the (now) small-fry SFO??? Looks to me like el she would prefer, in addition to the Washington (DC)... 6:44 PM
  • manou: Dearest olli – a “scarpa̶ 1; is a shoe. A scarf is a “sciarpaR 21;. But yes indeed, I see exactly what you... 6:27 PM
  • La Valkyrietta: Coraggio! ‘Adelia degli Adimari’ is inexhaustible. I sent a friend from Boston a photo I took of the far from... 6:17 PM
  • Krunoslav: Cieca, do you know what’s worse than those BALLO Mickey Mouses? Well, I read somewhere that they’re going to stage... 5:32 PM

Housekeeping: the art of conversation

beckett_playLa Cieca has heard a few complaints that the “threaded” comments format (you know, “2, 2.1, 2.2, 2.2.1,” etc.) can be difficult to untangle for occasional visitors. While we’re not quite up to unthreading the comments, we do want to keep the cher public happy. So what do you think about the following options for keeping you up to date on the parterre conversation? 

A “subscribe to comments” option for each posting. That way each time a new comment was entered for a given posting, you’d receive an email alerting you. Note that in busy conversations like the recent “Abreast of the season,” that would mean you might receive a hundred or more emails in a day if you subscribed to that thread.

… or,

A “notify of reply” option for each comment. The way this works is, you enter a comment, and you are given the choice whether you want to be informed when there is a direct reply.  Note that, if people reply to other comments on the thread, you would not be informed.

Both of these would be “opt-in,” so if you are happy or at least indifferent to the way the comments are displaying currently, you wouldn’t have to do anything. If you do want to be notified, you would need to be sure that the email address given in on your profile page is correct and up to date.


  • thenoctambulist says:

    O/T, can somebody please post the details of the Thais recording on this site? Thanks.


      Wow, which one?

      If all you need are the cast and conductor, try operaclass.com. It lists (almost) all commercial recordings since Destinn. Amazon.com will give you price, number, and availability.

      • thenoctambulist says:

        I meant the recording that’s available for download in the unnatural acts of opera section?

  • thenoctambulist says:

    I am dowloading all the freestuff available on the Unnatural Acts of Opera section. Why is 1965 recording of Lucrezia Borgia by Monteserrat Caballe missing the final era desso cabaletta? I was quite delighted to find the free recording and quite heartbroken not to have the era desso which I adore.

  • quoth the maven says:

    I think that the Caballe performance uses Donizetti’s 1840 revision, which omitted the cabaletta, as its basis. Obviously, the text used in both cases, Sutherland’s and Caballe’s, is tailored to the prima donna’s strengths.

  • Alto says:

    Cieca cara,

    I was thinking about this issue just last night and wondering whether the system at http://www.datalounge.com would be technically feasible for you. There a list on the page tells you which topics have had activity since you last visited. I find this is what I often yearn for here.

    • Dawn Fatale says:

      I would also appreciate a longer list of recent comments (i.e. an expansion of the cher public section) perhaps on a separate page. It would also be appreciated if I could see what thread those comments were posted to.