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Hair raising

Katherine Jenkins, C-list Britpop has-beens… and Rolando Villazón in a ginormous jewfro. No, this does not bode well.

  • Harry

    Maybe Ronaldo & Kathrine are going to do a Donny & Marie Act on the show, if their own little brother is on there too, to lend it authenticity.

    Establishing themselves in this field , look at the money they could make , going on from that, being ‘a double act’ as cruise ship singers . Better still, as wedding singers : for those functions of the rich & famous who repeatedly keep always getting divorced.
    Talk about Kultural glitz with a capital K! Especially accompanied by ‘orchestra ‘…mayble a 5 piece band sent from the Lawence Welk franchise.

  • dcrazmo

    Dear God, he looks like one of the natives from the original King Kong? Did he promise someone not to cut his hair until he can learn to sing again? And was that truly Jimmy Osmond? In what alternate universe is he even a Pop Star?

    • whatever

      i believe the alternate universe in question is called: utah.

  • Feeling suitably irritated by this shite-fest, I have set up a poll where you can verify your feelings. Naturally it won’t make a jot of difference, but it would be good to get a feeling for the array of feelings about this type of utterly misguided show. Here is the link:

  • ohhhh.

    • Gualtier M

      Well, he would know wouldn’t he? “I speak from experience”

    • Cassandra

      Oh boy. His hair. His… everything. He is such a sideshow now.

  • miss kitty litter

    This doesn’t make us feel good at all. Wha’ happened, Rolando??? You’ve become a scary caricature of yourself. An exophthalmic Ricky Ricardo.

    Very painful. Very sad.

    • Gualtier M

      BTW: La Cieca I would call that a hispanfro, not a jewfro. Unless Rolando is sephardic.

      • MontyNostry

        I think Rolando is preparing his first Aida.
        Seriously, though, his speaking voice sounds dangerously throaty. But then, his singing voice has always sounded dangerously throaty to me, even when everyone else loved him.

      • Actually, there are Mexican Jews. Back, way back there was a colony of convert (or closeted, not sure which is accurate) Jews who moved to Mexico. When it was discovered they were jews, needless to say they were persecuted and a section of them moved to souther USA, specifically CO.

        This was all discovered in the XXth century when a group of Americans of mexican descent were noticed as suffering a particularly nasty form of breast cancer that was genetically predisposed in European jews.

        You can read all about in on the Smithsonian magazine article titled The Secret Jews of San Luis Valley.

  • Actually this is what the hair reminded me of, so it go could either way.

    • CruzSF

      4 out of 5 had ‘fros. Those were the days!

      • MontyNostry

        What show is that from, actually? That is John Travolta second from right? Or is this a scene from the director’s cut of ‘Carrie’? Note the red background presaging the bucket of pig’s blood at the prom …

        • CruzSF

          The pic is of the original cast of “Welcome Back, Kotter,” minus the women. (I think there were 2 actresses as part of the regular cast.)

        • pyramus

          I’m guessing you’re under 40, or you would have to have seen Welcome Back, Kotter at least once.

        • MontyNostry

          Sadly not under 40, just British.

        • CruzSF

          LOL. Monty, you can guess the quality of the show from the photo. I grew up with it and am sorry I can’t get those half-hours back.

    • mrsjohnclaggart

      Didn’t Gabe Kaplan wig out (sic) on LSD, drop out of acting and become a shock jock? I believe he is dead.

      • CruzSF

        Really? That IS sad.

      • Not so much. Kaplan became a professional tournament poker player and recently he’s been doing a little acting and standup on the side.

        • mrsjohnclaggart

          Was I thinking of myself? Hmmmm… from the grave.

        • CruzSF

          Tragic death and triumphant comeback in 50 minutes! Bravo, Gabe!

  • Lalala

    Let’s just do it up fair and square—let the pop artists sing the opera arias--but only without amplification, in real opera houses, and with full orchestras. Let’s see how long they last (or if they are even heard).

  • Clita del Toro

    Cieca, will there be a Stiffelio chat tonight?

  • Rumoured guest performers include Susan Boyle, Andrea Bocelli and Plácido Domingo

  • Rumoured guest performers include Susan Boyle, Andrea Bocelli and Plácido Domingo

    I’ve applied for tickets. Knowing my luck, I’ll end up the evening Bocelli appears…

  • JackJack

    OK. I’ll admit that this has an irresistible car-crash quality. Any way to watch this UK show in the US? Does ITV programming tend to show up on YouTube? Imagine the chats we could have!

    • woodshed

      You can watch ITV programmes after they’ve been broadcast at

      I don’t know whether it works outside the UK though -- sometimes these things have restrictions on them.

  • woodshed