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The biggest scoop of the decade

decadeSo La Cieca was thinking back, what with the end of the oughts and all, and she found herself wondering how has changed in the past ten years. Here’s a screenshot of the site (not yet a blog) circa December 1999, and what nostalgia to think of the days when we still used “frames!” (About the faux-brick background image, perhaps the less said the better.)

For a peek at what the site looked like late in the 20th century, try the Wayback Machine from the Internet Archive.

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    You’vE come a long way baby. Happy 2010 -- Excelsior!

  • javier

    Callas tattoo? Wow.

    • mrmyster

      LUV the background!
      I remember, James, oh I remember,
      as we impolitely called it, “The
      Pepto Bismol Journal.”
      H.L.Mencken was green with

  • Will

    I also remember when sites were decorated with spinning wheels and torches that flamed (which might have been appropriate here, actually).

    A very happy Christmas to everyone who gathers at Parterre to celebrate the art form we love, or perhaps to which we are in thrall!

  • Vox

    So enjoyed re-reading Enzo Bordello’s jeune andouille memoire. Thanks.

  • Camille

    Good Times.

    I can still remember the thrill of receiving that Schiaparelli pink thing in the mail.

    To all youse guyz, and the occasional gal, on Parterre —

    “Sappia ognuno di voi chiudere in se —
    una suprema verita d’AMORE!”

    Happy Holidaze.

  • actfive

    What fun to re-read all those “Boy and His Diva” stories! I’ve loved this demented site for over a decade!

  • kashania

    To everyone here on parterre, I give you not a christmas carol, but something even better:

  • Hey guys!

    Have a wonderful holiday all.


  • happy happy joy joy to everyone.

    I remember that version of the site well -- that is when the broadcast chats were really starting to heat up methinks, and I remember being afraid to post there.

  • CruzSF

    Thank heavens for the Wayback Machine. The promise of queer opera talk drew me to Parterre Box in the first place. I do like the comments and reviews from certain boob-focused straight guys, but the queer angle was definitely the original draw.