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ute_lemperCabaret goddess Ute Lemper appears amidst the intime ambiance of Joe’s Pub in NYC later this week to explore “the world of Berlin Kabarett, the backstreets of Montmartre and Pigalle with the French Chansons Realistes and the fantastic, sensual songs of Argentinian Tango in between Buenos Aires and New York.” Whew, let’s hope she has time to get a sip of water between sets! [Ute Lemper: Last Tango Berlin]

  • tannengrin

    Am I really this old? I remember when she ‘came out’ in Germany as a very different kind of Sally Bowles. She is great to experience live.

  • miss kitty litter

    A great great favorite for many years. What a ribbing I took for liking her “Berlin Cabaret Songs” album; yet, (and still), Iremain an unrepentant fan.

  • Baltsamic Vinaigrette

    She wowed the crowd at Dublin’s National Concert Hall last week. This is a trmendous show, even by her stellar standards.

    But nobody does good reviews well*: instead the papers here this week are full of complaints about an extravagant one-off Aida that came to town last week. just click on and have a good laugh.

    And no -- of course I didn’t go. Any touring show that plays in a converted barn and omits to name cast and crew in its advance publicity gets zero shrift from me -- and, I hope, from you.

    *Apart from that excellent A-Z guide to perfumes by Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez, of course…