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That word again; I don’t even know what it means!

“They’re known for their great bods and for breathless blogs written by devoted admirers. Bearers of great pecs and pipes, barihunks like Matthew Worth and Tom Forde are bringing high art to the masses in a universally appealing form. And the dark-haired Gunn, all 6 broadly muscled feet of him, is king of that particular hill…” [Los Angeles Times]

  • operabitch

    “all 6 broadly muscled feet of him”

    Is this idiot actually claiming that Nathan Gunn is 6 feet tall or was he talking about something else?

    I’m 5’11” and I have stood next to Nathan Gunn many times backstage at the MET. I tower over him. He’s 5’8″ at best ….

    Give me an f***** break.

    • Cassandra

      I’m also within your height range operabitch. Nathan is much shorter than me, as is Bill Burden. He’s not six feet of broadly anything. He’s got a tight body, but he’s small.

  • louannd

    Point#1 If I am not mistaken, and I may be, I believe in her younger days Mrs. Murphy was an excellent singer. The last time I heard her sing was when I attended the HD production of Orfeo, which I did not think reflected what she once was capable of doing. Most people who write on this blog seem to understand that continued hard work and diligence can give longetivity to the voice (and I would include Renee Fleming in this category), but I do not believe Ms. Murphy exemplifies that type of singer. I agree completely with La Cieca in that she seems to only work part time and apparently doesn’t do a lot of work on the voice itself either.

    Point#2: People who “struggle” for their art and their family are only to be admired and at times become the subject of newspaper articles and, even, of an opera at times; however, I will save most of my esteem for those that have to shop at Community Food Banks, and choose to eat rather than pay a bill, have to declare bankruptcy to pay medical bills, struggle to buy prescription drugs they need to survive; the list goes on and on.

    Point#3: On Nathan Gunn, I think he has probably done the best with what he has. I admire him tremendously from what I have seen on media (never heard him live though I ALMOST went to LA to see him but decided I couldn’t afford it), but I would not rank that voice up there with Peter Mattei or Keenlyside. What little I have heard of his Figaro didn’t sound too appealing but I would buy a ticket to “see him” and certainly with Joyce on board.

  • operabitch

    When was Ms. Murphy an “excellent singer?” Even though I’ve been going to the MET 30 times per year for the last 30 years I must have missed that. Perhaps I was sleeping? The last thing I saw her do at the MET was Orfeo and that screechy, whiny, tiny, ugly voice made me want to throw up.

    Just think how many trees gave their lives for that waste of a page in the Times this morning.

    • louannd

      You obviously know her better than I do and I will bow to your better judgment of the past.

    • Daniel

      People assume she used to be very gifted and reliable, because they were told so when she first became associated with the MET. I never saw what any of the fuss was all about. Ditto for Kevin, actually!

      And that Amor in that shitty Orfeo was simply inexcusable. I cringed when her music approached.

      Perhaps the worst thing of all about the dreadful, inexplicable article was that picture of the two. So UWS try-too-hardy!

    • justanothertenor

      I seem to recall enjoying her a lot as Sophie in A Rosenkavalier with Fleming and Graham in 1999? Around then anyway… That’s the only time I seem to have enjoyed her singing.

  • Loge

    Nathan Gunn has sung many concerts with the Atlanta Symphony and he was always fully clothed. He turned in some beautiful performances. During one episode in Sibelius’ Kullervo, Gunn as Kullervo is riding in a sleigh. Three times he comes across young women walking through the snow and invites each one to join him in the sled. They each refuse. My elderly mother commented how illogical this was as she didn’t know a woman alive who wouldn’t get in the sleigh with Nathan. Incidentally he was very pleasant, cooperative and modest. It was a pleasure to be working with him.

  • operabitch

    All bows accepted. Thank you. Just don’t go too low.

  • parpignol

    and HGM was charming as Sister Constance in the Carmelites circa 1995; it was a very funny article in the Times. . .

  • Jay

    The Advocate is featuring the L.A. Times barihunks article (with a tenors option):