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jjOur publisher JJ will grace the airwaves of WNYC this afternoon at 2:00 PM for an appearance on Soundcheck.  The topic is that one on everyone’s mind right now, the renascent New York City Opera.

Purists should we warned in advance that this radio program will involve the use of electronic microphones.

UPDATE: Here’s the relevant segment of the show.

  • leboyfriend

    As I have mentioned here before, NYCO’s season -opener, Esther is being directed by our General Director, Christopher Mattaliano. Whie that is playing i New York, here in Portland we are producing Philip Glass’s Orphée. I had the chance to sit and chat with Glass for an hour on Tuesday and I have to say that whether one is attracted to his music or not, he is a thoroughly engaging, approachable and fascinating man. It is many years since I was so taken with an individual. Please wish us well with Orphée, as anything later than Puccini is viewed somewhat askance by audiences here in Portland. Incidentally, Orange Mountain Music will be recording our performances for release as a commercially available CD -- the first such recording of this work.

  • Will

    Great news! Orphee is very beautiful and I believe the Portland production features Lisa Saffer who sang and acted so superbly in the Glimmerglass performances.

  • leboyfriend

    Will. Lisa Saffer, yes! And Phil Cudlip. Anne Manson is conducting and Sam Helfrich is directing. This is the Glimmerglass production. And I love it!

  • Alto

    Please do not abbreviate the name of Mr. Cutlip — which you also misspell, by the way. It should always be preceded by the words “The Divine …”

    What a barihunk!

  • squirrel

    my isn’t Mr Jorden busy this season!!

  • squirrel

    that was a damn short Esther clip

    is Mr Jorden dying of Swine Flu in the background??

  • squirrel

    Mr Jorden is doing a solo performance of Esther, beginning tomorrow night at the Koch Theater!

    Very cheeky move! You must have a tough agent…

  • Alto

    Wonderful job by J.J. I hope La Cieca was proud.

  • Mr. Jorden’s performances at the Koch are legendary.

  • A preview of Friday night’s “Esther” performance:

  • sfmike

    Thank you, La Cieca, for that video clip. I’ve decided that there isn’t a frame of film in which Joan Collins appears that is less than fabulous, not to mention textbook camp.

  • squirrel

    LOL i just got back from the bodega, and when I clicked your video clip, the webstream from WNYC was still rolling unbeknownst to me, and so for the duration of the clip I heard simultaneous narration such as: “Anger, sadness, indescribable tenderness, these are the feelings that Precious evoked in me…”

    It was kind of like your Forging Song in Canon (though contrapuntally inferior).

    I guess you had to be there.

  • kashania

    God bless Joan Collins.

  • Alto
  • leboyfriend

    Sorry, Alto, you are qwuite right. I did mis-type his name. He does, however, quite happily answer to ‘Phil.’

  • leboyfriend

    Alto -- I can’t spell ‘quite’ either, apparently.

  • CruzSF

    I listened to the show on podcast before it was excerpted here, so I really felt that there was too little JJ. But he was certainly diplomatic about G. Steel, the Koch theater, and the added-by-demand performance of “Esther”!I didn’t know that JJ had appeared on Soundcheck before. Can you recall when he previously appeared?

    I trust that JJ or La Cieca will tell us all about “Esther” at NYCO, and the atmosphere in the newly refurbished theater. I can’t wait.