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Noch mehr Tristan

The BBC 3 broadcast of Tristan und Isolde that so captivated the cher public yesterday afternoon is available in streaming form for the next week.

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

  • thank you La Cieca, the BBC player is so easy to use, I could jump form one of my favorite moment to another easily and instantly, that’s what we want right? Nina is fabulous but I am not sure about Ben though….

  • amazing liebestodt, she was not tired at all….great ending.

  • scifisci

    I’m so excited to hear her in ariadne, which otherwise looks to be a routine revival!

    Does anyone know why she has been away from the Met for so long?

  • richard

    Scifisci, Stemme did a run of Dutchman’s at the Met about 10 years ago. I think she may have been a replacement for Varady. I didn’t see her then, but as I recall, she didn’t make a real strong impression.

  • Arianna a Nasso

    Richard @ 5 -- I believe Stemme was replacing Sharon Sweet as Senta. I think the run which Varady cancelled was in the early/mid 90s, and Behrens took over.

  • squirrel

    finally getting to hear this… nice soupy orchestra sound, but I’m not quite yet buying what Pappano is selling.

    Koch is doing an excellent job with Brangäne!

    This Stemme lady is great -- the voice is striking me as darker and bigger than I once thought.

    The Sailor sings “Frisch weht der wind, der Heimat Zohhhhhh.. WTF?

  • squirrel

    god Heppner is terrible in this!

  • squirrel

    I would say Pappano missed pretty much every chance to make sense out of act II -- from Melot’s Accusation through Markes Klage up to “O Konig” there is a wonderful metric poetry that lives in the tempo changes and harmonic rhythm, but what we got was pretty unimpressive. I would be kinder if he were guest conducting, but a music director should get seriouser results. Just sayin’.

    Thus concludes my tedious run down of Acts I and II (honestly not sure if I’ll hear the rest… ok maybe skip to the Liebestod!)