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Done that!


Sting is hoping to attract new fans to opera with his latest release, a film in which he and wife Trudie Styler tell the story of composer Robert Schumann. [BBC News]

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    Oh Kate, how wonderful. Thanks to La Cieca for finding this gem of a video.

  • miss kitty litter

    That picture of Sting above….is that as Florestan or Eusebius? I always get them confused.

    One can only hope that he and Trudie eventually get around to telling the Gustav and Alma story.

  • I prefer to see more half naked pictures of Sting that that film…. Please sting dont do that…

  • Vox

    Which of Robert Schumann’s many operas will Sting and Trudie be promoting?

  • jimmysback

    Sez Trudie: “Luciano really made opera populist [sic] culture, and I’d like to think in our small way that this is something he’d very much approve of ”

    Oy veh.

  • Veloce49

    “Styler said she and her husband had not been interested in opera until the late Luciano Pavarotti invited them to a performance of Tosca.”

    If the Tosca they saw was the current Met version this might have never happened.

  • Veloce49

    I suspect that Bono will not rest for this.
    Expect U2 to try one or The Who to re-unite for Tommy II (This time we’re serious)

  • why SChoemannnnn???????? oh….

  • Harry

    Perhaps wenarto : Schumann did write an full length opera! I am sure the names of the late Pavarotti and other like him -- departed, will be used in vain to justify the mega over -reach ambitions of pop stars wanting to be ‘sincerely serious’. Nothing like rock stars ‘name dropping’ to get 15 seconds of extra media attention. Looks like it is ‘so bull shit cool’ for pop culture people to mess around with classical composers and their works. Is Rufus Wankright also going to co -star in this proposed travesty?

    At the same time, a whole heap of these self possessed creatures pontificate, wishing to browbeat others about consumer extravagance and global warming, they themselves are some of the biggest carbon foot printers going. Cultural hypocrisy never sleeps amongst ‘this breed of musical mutants’ producing what amounts to Sound Graffiti.

    Our own Vicar of Wakefield would, one imagines: rightly say ” They cannot do it like our dear Ken Russell could!”

  • Will

    Quoth harry: “They cannot do it like our dear Ken Russell could!”

    Well at the very least, I hope Sing doesn’t try to do it in that cast aluminum Art Deco jock strap.

    Actually, I like Sting very much and even enjoyed his John Dowland album.

  • fidelio101

    I went to the dress rehearsal for Aida last night and just spent the whole evening thinking……”What would Luc Bondy do with THIS production! LOL

  • Krunoslav

    So, fidelio 101, how was the singing? Loud and unnuanced, on assumes? Does Urmana manage the Nile C well? Does she make any impact dramatically?

  • fidelio101

    Well lets see. I was never a fan of Botha and last night didn’t change it.Zajick who I usually love, sounded tired and Urmana is better on the Scala DVD. At least on that you get Roberto Bolle dancing, which is worth the purchase price alone. We left before the Nile but also went to Barbiere today. I had never heard Barry Banks before. I kept waiting for him to break out into “My Wild Irish Rose”. I’ve heard of singers not having an Italianette sound, but he brings new meaning to the phrase.
    I have to say I went wanting to love Di Donato but last season Garancia
    spoiled me.

  • Alto

    “Zajick who [sic] I usually love, sounded tired …”

    Give the woman a break. She was at the TOSCA prima, and that takes some recovery time.

    Many blogs (especially, it seems, homophilic blogs) have in-joke expressions. I think we here at the Box — craving La Cieca’s indugence — should keep this one in:

    “I’ve heard of singers not having an Italianette sound …”

  • Krunoslav


    Did Garanca spoil you via her complete inability to bring sung Italian words to life?

    She might have been singing the Riga phone book…

    Give me diDonato any day!

  • fidelio101

    Is “homophilic” really a word?