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pirates not so scary after all


A new study suggests that milder forms of intellectual property piracy (e.g., file sharing) seem to have no ill effects on the lively production of books, films and music. [NYT]

  • felix

    Hey, I’m not going to jail then. :) I’d buy stuff legally but a lot of the really good recordings aren’t available that way.

    That’s a funny picture, which I’m guessing is from Trovatore. Why the bunny ears though?

  • Alto

    That pirate can invade me, based on his legs alone.

  • Believe it or not, this is film of the young Eddie J. Smith.

  • MontyNostry

    Why did he cut Bugs Bunny’s ears off?

  • felix

    He’s pretty attractive. :)

  • felix

    That’s Gene Kelly, not any Eddie J. Smith!(I wondered why he could dance so well.)

    La Cieca’s a bad girl, telling fibs… ;)

  • Graciella Scusi

    I think it’s a fantasy dance sequence from ‘The Pirate’, a sumptuosly mounted Vincente Minelli/Arthur Freed MGM musical with Gene Kelly and Judy Garland. Just to bring it back home… who is the son of a famous tenor that plays the villain (or should I say “heavy”) of the piece?

  • pavel

    And whose daughter has starred in the soap opera “One Life to Live” since 1971…

  • tonto lavita

    7 Walter Slezak.

  • pavel

    BTW, who is Eddie J. Smith? Usually I can find La Cieca’s references online, but this time I’ve had no luck.

  • javier

    That pirate is hawt!

    This is in interesting story because today a single mom of four was ordered to pay $1.92 million for allegedly sharing 24 songs.