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unnatural birthday to you

In honor of her one-third of a century, La Cieca has at long last returned to the Sunnyside Studios to record not one but two episodes of Unnatural Acts of Opera.  Finally, cher public, you can hear the last two acts of a legendary performance of Jenufa from Opera Orchestra of New York, on March 30, 1988.

Act Two

Act Three

Jenufa: Gabriela Benackova; Kolstelnicka: Leonie Rysanek; Grandmother Buryja: Barbara Schramm; Laca Klemen: Wieslaw Ochman; Steva Buryja; Peter Kazaras; Jano: Katherine Johnson; Karolka: Kathryn Cowdrick; Starek, the Foreman: Kenneth Shaw; Mayor: Frank Barr; Mayor’s Wife: Nikki Li Hartliep; Old Shepherdess/Aunt: Maro Partamian; Barena: Ariel Rubstein. Eve Queler, conductor.

  • The Vicar of John Wakefield

    Helen Field and Susan Bickley leave these two foreign screamers in the dust.

  • FightGravityNYC

    happy bday la cieca! mine’s today :-) tauruses make great opera lovers!

  • Nick

    Cieca, I saw Benackova and Rysanek in Barcelona and their performance made Jenufa one of my favorie operas! Rysanek wrming up her hands in her armpits as she described the murder of the baby sent chills down my spine ..
    by the way the clip of act 3 is AIDA

  • Nick

    ooops…favorite and warming

  • Grimgerde

    This is utterly tremendous. Is there anything more awesome than Leonie in full flood?

  • eugene

    Many happy returns of the day, la Cieca, and thanks for the Jenufa!

  • Ermur

    I heard them when they did this at the Met. Rysanek’s performance is something I will never forget. This recording is a great reminder of the evening.