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Wieland Wagner directs James King and Leonie Rysanek in the legendary 1965 production of Die Walküre at Bayreuth.

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Note at around 0:40 Wieland gets Rysanek set up for her explosive gesture at 1:20. The long, tense stillness suddenly broken by a quick, strong movement is a trademark of this director’s style. And notice too that director and soprano are not in immediate agreement where she should be directing her line “Ha, wer ging? Wer kam herein?”

  • iltenoredigrazia

    Could the current financial situation be affecting the amount of rehearsal afforded by the Met these days? Odd that the orchestra was having problems. I also read comments about an apparently under-rehearsed L’Elissir last week…

  • Gualtier Maldè

    The lack of rehearsal for the “Elisir” would have to do with the vagaries of the originally scheduled leading tenor and his very last minute replacement who flew in from Berlin the night before the dress rehearsal. The leading lady it seems absented herself from some rehearsals when her leading man removed himself (or was removed).

    BTW: a friend saw Villazon on Broadway near Lincoln Center yesterday walking with a woman near Ollie’s. He looked very good (my friend said he is much cuter in person than in photos) and looked well. My friend said “I will see you on Wednesday” and Villazon said “I am looking forward to it” or something like that. I will be in the theater on Wednesday night and maybe, if you are all very, very good and don’t talk about Studer and Behrens too much then I just may file a report.