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La Cieca really, really doesn’t like to say this, but the truth seems to be staring us in the face, so here goes. We have seen the last of Rolando Villazón at the Met. Even though he’s announced as having canceled only the first two performances of Elisir, it’s pretty clear that he’s just not able or willing (or both?) to get his voice and confidence into solid enough shape to appear in New York.

Nemorino is (as tenor roles go) not a particularly difficult sing, and it’s a role that’s always been central to his repertoire. But now it appears Villazón can’t sing even Nemorino up to Met standards, which means he basically can’t sing anything.

As a friend of La Cieca said on the phone a few minutes ago, “It never happens to the ones you want it to happen to,” and, sadly, that’s the case here.

  • wotan_in_inman

    Sorry, Maria, our posts crossed. I like your idea better.

  • maria

    “I hear complaints about many of today’s singers having small voices or being hard to hear who I think would have been considered perfectly fine 30 years ago.”

    iltenore: I think those complaints are justified, and that’s why it’s getting harder to cast the operas of Wagner and Verdi.

  • sandytheslayer

    Anyone else read the link at #273??? I mean seriously…Sutherland, the racist fag hag!?

  • The Logical Tenor

    I know Dame Joan had some racism issues going on… but I’m not sure how much of what Von Crof says is reliable or not, I’ve never met the gentleman. If it is true, though, that’s certainly a Mommy Dearest out there.

  • wotan_in_inman


    I think it is common concensus taht anyone indulging in “kiss-and-tell” in all its permutations foregoes the privilege of being called a “gentleman.”

    “Snarky Queen” seems to be the term used most often around here.

  • Ian

    @305- Sanford, every time you comment I think I fall a little bit more in love.

  • armerjacquino

    @315- I think Sutherland would have had a career even without the bel canto revival. She would have sung a lot more Donna Annas, a lot more Violettas, a lot more Marguerites- but she would have had a career. I’d imagine she would have sung roles she’s not now associated with, too; Fiordiligi, the Marschallin and even Sieglinde spring to mind.

  • alexythymia

    @ 315--Fair enough. Hadn’t thought about it in ages, and there’s something of a cliche afoot someplaces [?] that she swung from Wagner to Norma without so much as a pause, but Wikiing tells me she sang some crazy sh*t in the ’50s. Aida? Really? Well, I guess Sills did, too--miked in an arena …

    Today, of course, the Bonynges and entourage might have had a reality show, been outed for racist views on CNN a la Blagojevich, so on.

  • prosti

    All in all, I say: Good riddance!

  • Sanford

    Ian, how sweet of you to ejaculate while telling me you love me. I can be had.

  • harry

    Sutherland even sung an Eva in Meistersingers under Kubelik.

  • kashania

    Ariel: If you interpreted my mention of “dramatic soprano” as chewing the scenery, then you don’t really know what you’re talking about — which is fine, except that your posts are so damned opinionated. You criticise the Met’s casting choices left and right and then you suggest that they should have tried to get Pieczonka (who neither knows the role nor should be singing it) to replace Brewer. Enough said.

  • ariel

    kashania -you are right -she probably does not know
    the role -it just that she sings and one can only hope
    to hear the role “sung” and not screamed out as we hear
    to-day , I have heard Ms. Brewer , and for me once is enough
    for a full life time .O f course I am damned opinionated since 1946 in New york
    Vienna , Berlin London, Madrid and even Toronto the good I have heard them all from one orchestra seat or another.
    I have heard Brunnhilde sung ,yowled,and screamed . When
    Wagner is “sung ” it is something indeed .Lately
    all I hear is men barking at each otherand bosom heaving sopranos shrieking for all they are worth . That is not to
    say that there are not good singers out there that can match any age.But just now going to the met can be quite disheartening for when youfork out acouple hundred bucks
    for a ticket you wouldn’t mind getting back at least 25 for

    the singing .

  • Cantantelirico

    Could it be that some of those who sang Rolando’s praises a few years ago, have now turned their thumbs in a Southernly direction? How fickle and cruel. Best wishes Rolando.

  • GS

    Herr Villazon sang every performance like it was his last. He gave all that he had to the audience and we are greatful. We are lucky to have all the wonderful memories.