Cher Public

look me over once, look me over twice

La Cieca is happy to announce that you, cher public, have set a new record for pageviews in a single day here at On February 6, dear people, you viewed this little blog a whopping 16,713 times. Over the past 12 months has averaged around 1,500 vistors per day, totalling more than 2.6 million pageviews.

  • Drammy

    We love the juicy gossip, and the opera news, of course.

    And of course, notre doyenne.

  • Lindoro Almaviva

    I mean, like a skinny, literate Perez Hilton.

    And much MUCH better looking too.

  • blanche

    as an opera queen in a straight woman’s body I read with relish this deliciously bitchy, incredibly erudite blog at least once a day. I have had so many laughs and learned about so many past greats whose singing I didn’t know about. Brava and grazie, Cieca and tutti.

  • kashania

    We need some kind of operatic tribute to our doyenne. Wenarto?

  • Jay

    Many of the discussions here are far more inisghtful than most of the pap that shows up in the daily rags. However, the catfights and singer bashing can be very annoying and I’m glad La C is curbing some of the worst of it.

    I have no problems with a person not liking a singer — if they can make a good case for the singers vocal faults. But labelling a singer a whore or whatever is totally unnecessary.

    Re: anti-Jonas tirades are annoying but he’s a not-always perfect singer (who is??) who has missed quite a few performances in the past couple of years (mostly I suspect because of colds he picks up from his kids). If you want to criticize Jonas or any other singer, back it up with sound, reasoned observations, not with vitriol or glib comments.

    I happen not to care for Dessay these days, as do some others who post here. But that doesn’t mean I should vilify her. I hope she focuses on roles (e.g., Melisande) that show her to better advantage not the bel canto repertory, where her timbre is grating and she strays off pitch. And I leave it at that.

    I also read The Dealbreaker, a top-notch Wall Street blog. Withal, the slashing and burning that goes on in the Dealbreaker comments space make Parterre Box seem like a genteel afternoon with tea and scones. Comparatively speaking, we sling pats of butter; the Wall Streeters lob WMDs at one another.

  • dcrazmo

    yappy: I, who know next to nothing, have just recently (in the past year or so) started to venture opinions and have survived even La Cieca’s wrath. (Or should I say, stern and definite disagreement.) It’s the kind of dialogue that will keep opera alive, so come on in, the water’s fine. And bring poisonivy with you!

  • yappy

    Thanks, dcrazmo, for the encouragement. :-D

    I could start by stating that I’m rather fond of Thomas Hampson and think Regietheater is not the worst thing ever to happen to opera… *ducks* … or I’ll just venture out there and check out the latest news.

  • operadent

    Visiting this site is always one of the highlights of my day.
    Thanks, Dear Cieca, for everything you do! And Congrats!