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happy birthday charlie handelman

La Cieca wishes her dear, dear, dear friend many happy returns, and reminds her cher public that Charlie’s podcasts (gleaned from his vastissimo collection) are about the best opera you can find anywhere on the web.

  • scarpia1900

    Happy Birthday Charlie!!

    As the provider of one of my two favorite opera sites, of course La Cieca being the other, I wish you many, many happy returns!! Talk to you soon!

  • Erstegeiger

    Charlie! HAPPY BIRTHDAY and Thank you for the many hours of listening pleasure!!!

    Always a fan and supporter.



  • Lindoro

    Happy birthday Charlie! And many many encores!

  • former standee

    Bravo to Charlie -- on your birthday and everyday! In the internet opera world often overflowing with acid reflux and self proclaimed critics Charlie is ever giving, gentle and genuine. He’s delightful man who shares so much goodness with us.

    A Cent’anni ! ! !

  • soriano

    happy birthday, charlie! your podcasts are a joy!

  • jim

    Yes. Happy birthday, Charlie. And many many more.

  • Rheinlover

    Happy Birthday, Charlie. Your wittiness, your quizzes, and your overall sense of humor help to keep me in laughter and give a much-needed bit of fresh air to Opera-L.

  • arepo

    Let him eat cake!
    Happy Natal Day, Charlie.
    Another Olivero/Soviero lover.

  • Tonto Lavita

    Happy birthday!

  • Dear Cieca,
    Thank you for sharing Charlie’s Birthday with us and giving us such a lovely party. Oh, if only more of your readers were only here and went through your present to us! But, as has been already noted, no acid refluxe here. Just the ART of the human voice. Happy Birthday, Charlie, and thank you.

  • barak

    Although I have nothing to add:

    You give so much joy to us --
    hope you´ll stay healthy and stay
    as long as Albanese does! :-)

    Yours, Barak

  • doug

    a cent’anni caro meester handelman. zinka is kicking her train in your honor.

  • How do I adequately express my thanks to you all on the occasion of my 23rd birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I really am touched (also in the head)and of course you see that recent photo of me as Zinka…naturally I place my hand to my head in that grand (silent film) Milanov style..with her albums (autographed by her,by the way).
    BUT non scordare..that without La Cieca..Charlie’s podcasts would not be with you…There are few people in my lifetime I have known who have influenced my life as happily(and thankfully-CRAZILLY) as our hostess with the mostest on our balls.
    I am so happy to share my podcasts (almost 300 now) with you..but again,I give full credit to the person who made it all happen!!
    I do wish I could help La Cieca to improve her falsetto…but if I had known her back in the days when I was singing along with Gina Cigna’s Cetra Norma ( THE DUET IN TGE HIGH KEY!!!), I might have been of some help in making her top notes at least as wonderful as the way Mari Lyn sounds now.
    I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Charlie the Kunc

  • Happy Birthday Charlie!!! Here’s to many, many more. All best,


  • Just to note….(off topic)..I went to the great City Ballet last night..You know..NO ONE FLATTED OR CRACKED…and i did not have to worry that I could not hear Angela or that Renee would be drowned out!!!!!
    A friend remarked, “If the level of ballet was sometimes like the level of opera, the dancers would come out in wheelchairs!!!”
    I still adore opera even more thaneven pizza or Drek jeter ,,,but geeee.It is so relaxing not tov worry about coughing, people laughing at titles, passaggios, and other sundries….ch