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CORRECTION: It seems that nasty curse has landed on La Cieca, too. Can you believe that your doyenne misheard the bit of gossip she relayed you a couple of hours ago? Yes, it does indeed appear Katarina Dalayman and Susan Foster are both too ill to sing the last Tristan of the season at the Met. However, it is Linda Watson (pictured), not Janice Baird (per as previous soupçon) who is en route to save the performance.

  • Nerva Nelli

    Hans Lick--

    I went to PAL JOEY this week too, and Martha Plimpton certainly does not deserve to be included in your blanket condemnation. She’s fully worthy of the best traditions of Broadway — a class act in everything she undertakes.

    Perhaps Ian Storey will make an emergency Met debut Saturday?

  • klingsor2000

    Martha Plimpton was very good in Pal Joey, but OH the REST. I would have been better off if I had flushed the 120 bucks down the toilet and stayed home and watched SVU.

  • Sir Morosus

    Has anyone heard Irmgard Vilsmaier as Isolde? She is singing Mum in the alternate cast of the ROH H & G and some critcis have marked her out as a promising Wagnerian.

    I am going after Christmas, but there is a clip on You Tube and she certainly has a weighty if unsteady voice:

  • Hagen d’Arse

    I heard Vilsmaier as Gertrud in the Glyndebourne H&G last summer and thought she was the finest singer on stage. She has your typical big-boned ‘Wagnerian’ physique, but sings all the big rep Europe-wide in the B-level houses. Certainly vocally on a par with the likes of Baird and Watson I would say.

  • Buster

    Last year we had two Tristans in one season -- Gergiev with Irène Theorin, and Ingo Metzmacher with Linda Watson. Theorin had to compete with Gergiev, the Bill Viola images, and the fabulous Brangäne of Ekaterina Gubanova. Linda Watson had the better Tristan in Stig Andersen. I remember more of her performance than of Theorin’s. It was a more complete portrayal, Theorin’s a more lyrical one. Both had their virtues, but I was moved more by Watson. She sang all seven performances without cancelling one, by the way. Theorin sang three in a row, also without cancelling.

  • Sir Morosus

    Theorin is making her role debut as Turandot next week at the ROH , with Jenifer Wilson making her house debut later in the run. It will be interesting to hear 3 promising dramatic sopranos ( with Vilsmaier) in a short period. We certainly need them if the MET T & I experience is anything to go by.

  • eugene

    Buster, how was Metzmacher? I heard him conducting Parsifal with Klaus Florian Vogt. He was splendid, Vogt as well. It may well happen Metzmacher will soon find himself at Bayreuth.

  • Buster

    Metzmacher was fine -- very intense, but not overly slow. He has done great stuff at the Netherlands Opera, and I am sorry he has left. I even enjoyed his Mozart … The one thing he will be remembered for, though, was Saint-François -- an unforgettable experience. Vogt sang a great Kaiser in Frau in september here, by the way -- I liked him and Dorris Soffel’s Amme best that evening.

  • schweigundtanze

    Linda Watson…Oy Vey.

  • Graciella Scusi

    Irmgard Vilsmaier was Chrysothemis to Janice Baird’s Elektra in Seattle recently. She had a strong, well projected middle voice with adequate body and volume for Wagner (unlike Baird, I’m tempted to say), but is somewhat compromised on top (Baird’s top is the strongest part of her voice). Judging by early roles in her bio, I would guess Vilsmaier is another pushed up mezzo, which is not necessarily a bad thing; that would include many fine Wagnerians. BUT, she tended to look nervous, turn upstage and let out short, straight toned yells on the high notes. I’ll admit that the bar has been set very high for me by Rysanek, but if a Chrysothemis doesn’t have a free, spinning top, she’s not right for the role. I think, on my admittedly limited experience of her, that in a perfect world Vilsmaier would be a good Gutrune. As far as acting and presence on stage, there wasn’t much in evidence.

  • heldentenor

    Yes Dalaymann seems to cancel more performances than she actually sings. She is just not making it in the dramatic soprano repertoire. For those who are interested here is a link to Linda Watson as Isolde in Los Angeles I find the voice problematic and she does have a lot of intonation problems.

  • Feldmarschallin

    with this horrible storm now in NY I wonder if Watson will be able to fly in. They should have just done something else. They have Seiffert and his horrible wife so they have a few things they could do like Fidelio, Ariadne or something else.

  • chanterelle

    Ok, size isn’t everything, but last night it was a real pleasure not to have to lean forward to hear the principals. Say what you will about beauty of tone, intonation, wobble — Watson has an Isolde instrument and was at times quite thrilling. There were also some quietly beautiful moments. The woman knows the part, has a developed concept of the character, and acted quite well if not at the level of Meier. In short, it was a much better evening than I expected. Watson may not be an Isolde for the ages but thank goodness we have her now.

  • jay

    I have heard Vilsmaiers first BRUNNHILDE(Valkyrie)in Germany in 2007 and her first Isolde in Tallinn/Estonia.. She touches the audience in acting and singing..she will do her first Kundry in Budapest..she will make her way….and Seattle was a big success for her first some years she will be able to sing Toronto she did Sieglinde with a big success(for Pieczonka only once in 2004)The wonderful Richard Bradshaw loved her voice