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he is city opera?

UPDATE: La Cieca’s going to go out on a limb here and say that at the very least George Steel will be offered the direction of NYCO.

Industry insiders are whispering that a certain impresario who recently upgraded his career from uptown new music maven to regional opera honcho may be about to prove that he is the Superman who will turn NYCO around.

  • Alto

    “… when he seems already to be overwhelmed by his responsibilities in Dallas …”

    Would you care to attempt some evidence for this absurd slander? Where is there any indication that he has ever been overwhelmed by anything whatsoever?

  • mrmyster

    You guys keep going on and on about Steel/Dallas and O’Leary/St Louis — both of those men have really just settled into their respective new companies, and in any case both their present jobs are way more desirable than the toxic NYCO situation. Baker is disreputable, the board is floundering and you may be certain the money is drying up, thank you Mr Madoff.
    So….who in the world would want NYCO. Right now it has just about nothing to offer.
    As for Heuer in Florida? How many of you here know him? He would not last ten minutes anywhere near Lincoln Center Plaza; he’s not even doing very well in Fla. Forget it.
    Perhaps some deus ex machina will arrive to make NYCO go right again, but right now that’s just about what it would take — an unexpected solution to the problem(s), from Heaven!
    Good Luck NYCO — you will be missed.

  • Quanto Painy Fakor
  • Timmay

    #41. Alto, re Steel in Dallas.

    Sorry this is seen as slander. I don’t know the man and I don’t care about him one way or the other. Word is he has not attended one complete performance since he arrived in Dallas, nor has he met with any of the big donors, even briefly.

    I’m no expert but either he doesn’t care or he is overwhelmed. I thought “overwhelmed” was the most charitable description, but if you think “doesn’t care” is more accurate, I’ll go with that.

    If he is doing so well, why even allow speculation that he might skip to NYCO? This is like Mortier, NYCO and Bayrueth (first time tragedy, second time farce). He could clearly nip this speculation in the bud with a phone call to Susan saying “Thanks but no thanks.” or a press release emphasizing his commitment to Dallas. Are any of these actions forthcomeing?

    As far as I have heard he is willing to jump ship and has communicated this desire directly to La Baker. If you know differently, so be it.

    Remember he told the NYTimes “I will certainly be the Mortier of Dallas.” In more ways than one it looks like.

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    Operatunist !