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Who says media overexposure isn’t good for the career? Note, for example, how the heavily hyped bass-baritone Erwin Schrott has now made the transition into a dual career as lyric baritone and spinto soprano. And that poor schlub who used to update the blog for Martha Stewart now writes captions for the New York Times!

  • PushedUpMezzo

    What about people who can’t afford students anymore???

  • sterlingkay

    And there are 200 Orchestra Tickets set aside for Rush for even Sold Out performances. AND Family Circle tickets for many performances are $15!!!!!! I’m sorry that’s just a bum rap to lay on GELB.

  • scifisci

    whoa whoa whoa mariod you are SO EFFING WRONG. There have not been student tickets available for all the performances so far this season. THat is a flat out lie which destroys any credibility you have. And how exactly is it possible that you got student tickets for la fille last year when every performance was ALL SOLD OUT?!

  • daintymouth

    There have been student tickets available for every performance I have tried to get tickets for so far this season (seven and counting). You do have to be there at 10AM because sometimes they go quick.

  • brooklynpunk

    daintymouth :

    Please don’t try to confuse scifisci’s pre-conceived agenda ,with THE FACTS--I think the poster would rather diss Gelb, whether it’s deserved or not…..

  • scifisci

    I have no preconceived agenda against gelb, but am just stating that I believe there are certain areas where he is weak, OK?
    For example, student tickets under the volpe era were much better handled and managed than they are now. I don’t really know why I am drawing so much ire for this…do you all work for the MET or something? I suppose i’m SO out of line for suggesting that students and other young people could perhaps be better catered to by the MET since after all, they will be the ones who will support it in the future. Times have changed and the MET cannot continue to run as it did fifty years ago, despite how much they or you may want it to.

  • Well, scifisci, one reason there was more availability of student tickets during the later part of the Volpe era was that ticket sales were so very weak they had to fill the house somehow. Before 2001, I don’t recall a rush ticket program at the Met.

  • sterlingkay

    Scifisci wrote:
    “Times have changed and the MET cannot continue to run as it did fifty years ago, despite how much they or you may want it to.”

    Yet his main bitch seems to be about how much better Student tickets were handled YEARS AGO in the Volpe years. Huh??

    I don’t think anyone who’s been paying attention would claim that Gelb’s MET wants to continue to run as it did 50 yrs ago. SCIFISCI seems a bit out of sorts.