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the chat came back

Better loosen up those typing fingers, cher public, because La Cieca is bringing you another of her notorious online chats. On Monday, September 22 beginning at 6:30 PM EDT, La Cieca will present Opening Night in Exile, a chat celebrating the the broadcast of the Met’s 2008 opening night starring Renée Fleming, the diva and the fragrance. Since La Cieca herself will be observing the festivities al fresco on the Met’s big screen, your host for the evening will be her old, old, old friend Enzo Bordello.  Wifi permitting, your doyenne will check in from time to time, though she is sure that even without her in the room, you, my dears, will have plenty to say.

So mark your calendars for next Monday and the first chat of the season.

  • Nerva Nelli

    Can we chat right now about Tony T.?

    He somehow managed not to come visibly on the keyboard while describing Hvorostovsky’s Boccanegra, but he did include this canard from the NY TIMES plabyook on this opera:

    “The plot to “Simon Boccanegra” is so full of shifting identities and inexplicable twists that a navigational chart is required to sail through its shoals without going down”

    Donal Henahan (of evil memory) used to go on about how incomprehensible the plot is and every TIMES review since has echoed this. I find nothing incomprehensible about BOCCANEGRA; it is no more difficult to summarize than many a 19th century opera.

    Why can’t the TIMES leave BOCCANEGRA *alone*???

  • Another Plot/Message That’s Supposed to be Complicated But Isn’t: Die Frau ohne Schatten.

    Two couples, one too airy-fairy, one too head-in-the-mud, learn about life and creativity when they come into contact.

    We can leave out the babies and pretend they’re symbols.

  • LVPO

    Well the babies ARE symbols really, arent they?!!

  • I like to think so. Then we don’t have to get into all the moral majority stuff and Palinisation which some of my friends find so problematic in this piece.

  • LVPO

    I never even thought it was worth getting into that a priori. Seems to me that’s like ‘not seeing the bush for the trees’. Or should I say: ‘throwing away the baby with the bath-…shadow’!

  • tannengrin

    Dearest Cieca -- you weren’t kidding when you gave us a visual glimpse of the La Voce perfume. I browsed through the BBC Music magazine yesterday, featuring La Renee on cover and interviewed inside, and, indeed, La Voce comes in that shipping trunk box and has that dog-collar which imitates the MET chandeliers. Oh, and they celebrate her new Strauss ‘4 Songs’ recording with Herr Thieleman -- although it’s taken down a notch in the review section. Gundula still rules!

  • LVPO

    Hello La Cieca-

    someone else has already posted this request in the other thread, but would it be possible to have you interview available here as a separate download for those of us who missed it? Thank you!

  • il lacerato spirito

    Simon Boccanegra, complicated??? Has TT heard (or seen) Gioconda??? Now there is complicated.

  • armerjacquino

    I wonder if Mary Garden took all this flak over her tie-in perfume.

  • armerjacquino

    Or, indeed, for

    * Mary Garden Toilet Water
    * Mary Garden Extracts in large, medium & small sizes
    * Mary Garden Brilliantine
    * Mary Garden Face Powder
    * Mary Garden Face Powder (solid)
    * Mary Garden Face Rouge (solid)
    * Mary Garden Face Rouge
    * Mary Garden Lip Stick
    * Mary Garden Lip Rouge
    * Mary Garden Combination Vanity Case (Rouge)
    * Mary Garden Tooth Paste
    * Mary Garden Breath Pastilles (Tablets)
    * Mary Garden Cold Cream
    * Mary Garden Liquid Soap
    * Mary Garden Smelling Salts
    * Mary Garden Dentifrice
    * Mary Garden Massage Cream
    * Mary Garden Sachet Powder
    * Mary Garden Eyebrow Pencil
    * Mary Garden Eyelash Beautifier
    * Mary Garden Soaps
    * Mary Garden Talcum Powder
    * Mary Garden Tissue Cream
    * Mary Garden Hair Tonic
    * Mary Garden Shampoo
    * Mary Garden Mouth Wash
    * Mary Garden Hair Lotion
    * Mary Garden Nail Polishes
    * Mary Garden Coffret

    The point I’m making, in my elephantine way, is that this kind of branding is nothing new. Are we really going to keep coming back to it again and again?

  • amerjacquino wins some kind of prize for the phrase “the point I’m making, in my elephantine way.”

    I’m attempting to be in the Fordham plaza for the big night but really any time with Enzo Bordello is time well spent.

  • Lucky Pierre

    hey guys, sorry for being such a blonde but i can’t find the solution to the helena quiz. was this posted already?

    i can easily recognize price and tomowa-sintow, that’s it. i know, i’m stupid… but let me know. thanks.

  • tustuprof

    Well said, Armerjacquino. It is also worth reminding people that the profits of this ‘tie-in’ go to the Met, not to Ms Fleming.

  • Oh, this is a fun blog!

  • PushedUpMezzo

    If you were to buy all those Mary Garden beauty products what was the free gift?

  • Nerva Nelli

    armerjacquino snarled:

    * Mary Garden Toilet Water

    Is anyone selling Jose Mojica Toilet Water?

  • Miss Ping

    What exactly is a “large Mary Garden extract”?

  • mrmyster

    Where can one get a free sniff
    of La Rene?

  • mrmyster

    Make that, Renee