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defying gravidity

Pregnancy certainly seems to agree with Anna Netrebko!

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  • ruxton

    Poor Cocky- don’t get too jealous though- I’m a terrible liar :)

  • High C’s @ 4:20

    Im on my knees RIGHT NOW!!!

    Theres just no one in front of me.

  • BeauBoi


  • Sanford

    Ruxton *is* a liar. Remember he boasted how long his tongue was? It’s true. This New Yorker will never be the same. Of course, he swallowed so much seawater, levels dropped to new lows.

  • ruxton

    *gasp* It’s all lies Oprah, lies- I never went near those kids, I mean Sanford. I never put my tongue where there isn’t the slightest chance of ever touching the sides!

  • GiacoPucci

    I suppose this is another one one of mu naive questions: what is mean by “vocal production”? Someone above criticizes Anna for poor vocal production. Paul

  • Sanford

    Vocal Production is a catchall phrase that includes breath support, placement (headvoice, chest voice, falsetto, bel canto, can belto, Florence Foster Jenkins-o, but I digress…)

    Some things are instantaneously noticable, such as the glottal attacks of someone like Virginia Zeani, as opposed to the nearly pure headvoice of Joan Sutherland or Beverly Sills (except for the Three Donizetti Queens, where she uses chest voice to great effect). Sometimes, it’s the difference between a bright voice like Roberta Peters or Mady Mesple, as opposed to a slightly darker, warmer voice, like Anna Moffo.

    Sometimes, bad vocal production can produce a gargled sound, like the voice is coming from the back of the throat (or the singer has a hair caught down there).

    Good vocal production, or technique, can determine how long someone sings for. Sutherland and Sills sang for about 40 or 45 years. Moffo had about 10 or 12 good years.

    Thank you. You all can now get 4 college credits.

  • GiacoPucci

    Thanks, Sanford. Glad it was you who did the teaching. I have such a mental picture of what I thin you look like. Someday I’ll pass iot on. Paul

  • Nerva Nelli

    ” Sills sang for about 40 or 45 years”

    Only if one counts her childhood radio career. She sang opera professionally beginning in 1947 or so, and retired in 1980.

  • Nerva: And it should be noted that until the mid-1960s Sills did not have a particularly busy or demanding career. In her 20s and 30s she was singing attractively but (if the recordings from the time are representative) not very excitingly. The “big” Sills career amounted to a little over a decade, which is about average for star singers. The Nilssons and Sutherlands who sing consistently on a high level for more than 20 years are rare birds.

    Moffo enjoyed a decade of almost uniformly excellent singing from about 1958 to 1968, and then had quite a few good nights until around 1974-75. So she was hardly a “meteor” unless (again) she’s compared to a Sutherland.

  • The Logical Tenor

    Graciella, I am sorry, I think I missed your point somewhere around the corner of Rant and Ramble. Come again? :)

  • Tremaine

    Sort of young Birgit, no?

  • Bill

    Scifisci -- Seefried, according to everyone in Vienna, sang too late into pregnancy and too soon after giving birth. BUT she had both of her daughters by Caesarian section from which the recuperation may take longer. The second daughter, Mona Seefried (a well known theater and television actress in Germany) was born at the beginning of April 1957. For the Salzburg Festival which begins late July (1957), Seefried was already singing both Susanna and Fiordiligi very long roles which require alot of action on the stage plus she did a lieder recital. By 1958 Seefried’s voice, according to Sena Jurinac, wsa never quite the same. The freshness at the top had weakened considerably though the nmiddle remained glorious through 1971 when she steopped down from major roles singing generally character parts (and lieder) until 1980. Seefried gave up all her Mozarrt roles in 1963 except that she sang some Figaro Countesses from 1963-1966. There may not be much information regarding changes of voice after pregnancy for there is not alot of attention given to singers who miss part of a season due to pregnancy -- Netrebko’s publicity regarding her forthcoming child is far considerably greater than what I recall about other singers in the past -- and some singers such as Tebaldi or Schwarzkopf did not have children but their voices altered in the course of time.