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when barihunks go bad

Now, stop La Cieca if she’s wrong, but it seems to her that the concept for this production of Carmen is that Escamillo is a 1970s gay clone. Well, no, La Cieca doesn’t get it either. But see for yourself:

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  • Gualtier Maldè

    Oh let’s not be too vicious now, this is a bunch of opera-loving Leistershire amateurs. Somehow I am seeing an old-fashioned Ealing comedy with Alec Guinness as the mild-mannered postman who sings Radames with Hermione Baddeley as the landlady who sings Amneris and Joyce Grenfell as the tone-deaf local schoolmistress singing Aida in a wobbly soprano!

    BTW: the site is a gift that keeps on giving. Look at this page of photos from the production:

    This could be a special edition of Guess-What-Opera Regie quiz for La Cieca.

  • Gualtier: If I had to choose a favorite (and thank goddess I don’t!), I think I would have to go with this one …

  • And as pullquotes go, this one deserves a place in history:

    “… comedy highlights had to be Julia Meynell, earlier a serious operatic singer with Vilia in a Merry Widow sequence, but here a mini Hitler partnered by Ian Rogerson as a Viking maiden in the hilarious Chu-Chi Face from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.”

  • Enrico

    I think it is just fabulous… all the Videos… BRILLIANT… :))

  • Violetta D. Pensataci

    La Ciece:

    Apparently, a moment from Amneris’ rarely performed Act I aria, Radames! Oy gevalt!

    And she obviously studied this very carefully:

  • melot’s younger brother

    How about someone named Emily Bray as Barbarina?

  • Violetta D. Pensataci

    La Cieca, I think that picture must be from Amneris’ rarely performed Act I aria, Radames! Oy Gevalt!

  • Hans Lick


    Glad to see that even under a strange conductor, the Met orchestra maintains its accustomed splendor.

  • il_guarany

    how do you top Aida? It will be interesting to see.

  • Figliaimpura

    Looks like the budget was blown on multi-camera coverage (ok, 3!). Obviously not singing or music lessons.

    Lovely to see such industrious use of the plain black t-shirt by the ladies chorus.

  • Krunoslav

    These videos make the best *possible* case for Opera in English. Just to hear that CARMEN chorus pronounce “Toreador” is worth a lot.

  • Krunoslav
  • harry

    Ah! One has not really lived till one has experienced operatic productions that dig deep into the subterranean depths of ‘true filth’. Where depicted drama becomes first rate unstoppable but unintentional gut-busting hilarity. When audience members then start cracking loud instant jokes, an opera company has a ‘memorable evening’ on their hands. Important criteria must be followed for such deluding success though; the President is the principal tenor, his daughter is in the chorus, his wife is a ‘mezzo’ hiding away in some walk on part, and the company’s lead soprano is also the president / tenor’s ‘secret fuck of the moment’. The orchestra has recuited a few kids from the local school to fill out the sting sections on their Chinese budget violons. Their grade 2 music teacher thought it would be good ‘work experience’. Next production is a new ‘daring’ The Merry Widow…set down in Havana. Ever heard the Vilja ‘tango’?

  • harry

    Perhaps Figliaimpura, this ‘Aida and Carmen’ company has ideas to do digital HD and take their singers to the World, via your local film theatre. Wishing to rival those productions from the Met and La Scala. Gelb might have some competition on his hands, yet!

    Comment 29: Figliaimpura quipped:
    “Looks like the budget was blown on multi-camera coverage (ok, 3!). Obviously not singing or music lessons…..”

  • Mark

    This is definitely one guy who needs to keep his shirt on … and perhaps get some hair plugs while he’s at it.

  • armerjacquino

    Amateur opera in ‘not very good’ shock.

  • David Utterback

    I recognize the production and staging from that Manhattan Ladies Club version of “The Pleasant Peasant” from a few years back.

  • WindyCityOperaman

    Ah, to be a star in a “Let’s Have an Opera in the Barn Amateur Opera House”! Nothing like it. You feel wonderful doing it, even though it probably looks and sounds like shit! I’ve been doing stuff like this for years, and in a couple of months will do my final two bits in a scene recital. Don’t knock it ’till you’ve tried it!