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  • Porgy Amor: +1 9:24 PM
  • Camille: Dis-tu vrai????? How so? 9:18 PM
  • Camille: Time sometimes IS the answer. I very much hope that it will be the cure in her case as she has a very unusual, extraordinary,... 9:14 PM
  • Camille: I hope to god I am wrong but, you know, it’s only natural to want to sing with your partner — look at Fabulous Fabio... 9:08 PM
  • Camille: BorOdina. Sorry, Olga! If she’s gone, at least there is now Garanca, but I’ll never forget her in Pique Dame. Ever! 9:05 PM
  • Porgy Amor: Great review. I don’t know whether Alex or La Cieca came up with it, but that title is primo Parterre. 9:04 PM
  • Alex Baker: Sacaja-Erda was definitely a “shut it down” moment in the original show. 9:04 PM
  • Porgy Amor: I would never find it now, but I do remember Netrebko saying Liza in Pikovaya Dama was a role she eventually would sing, about... 9:03 PM

amazon does the math

A reader sends this screenshot from his account:



  • 1
    armerjaquino says:

    I once bought an Ethan Mordden book, a Harry Potter and a Tebaldi recital.

    Next time I logged in, I was being recommended Dr Seuss, Andrea Bocelli, and a load of porn.

  • 2
    jussilives says:

    Well, clearly “artificial intelligence” is improving by leaps and bounds. Or perhaps it was the “coq” that tipped Amazon off!

  • 3
    tannengnrin says:

    The Rameau is a dead giveaway. It was a DVD, after all. All those ballet boys.

  • 4
    Zeke says:

    Well, he did buy a RIMsky-Korsakov. harhar.

  • 5
    Sanford says:

    Which brings us back to… wait for it… “Penetrating Wagner’s Ring” Isn’t it great how everything brings me back to that? To quote Famous Quickly, I could sing Le Coq D’or tomorrow -- it’s just a matter of color and tessitura.

  • 6
    Strephon says:

    Well isn’t Platee about cross dressing?

  • 7
    London Dude says:

    Whilst that is most amusing (it’s funny because it’s true), what tickled me more is the description you get of the book when you click on the item. Apparently it’s to inspire you to feel healthy and happy, and look forward to the vitality of the summer days ahead. Funny, I’m sure it would inspire me, and yet possibly not in that particular direction.

  • 8
    opera in the uk says:

    Last time I looked at my Amazon recommendations, it was Marni Nixon’s autobiography, a book called ‘What would Barbra Do?’, something about Julie Andrews and book penned by Donna McKechnie.

    Apparently, I am that stereotype.

  • 9
    armerjaquino says:



  • 10
    Strephon says:

    Marnie Nixon’s autobiog? Surely Audrey Hepburn ghosted it….

  • 11
    Lucky Pierre says:

    i grow many cacti and succulents, and once i did a google search (early in the days before google got big) on succulents and one of the hits i got was “succulent girls of sweden” or something like that. how lucky was i?????

  • 12
    Lucky Pierre says:

    sanford, i think you’d rather do something else than sing le coq. i can think of other verbs you’d do to it.

  • 13
    Sanford says:

    Lucky Pierre, you are so right! Alhough, at the rate I’m going, I’m never going to see another live one again. Thank my higher power for internet porn!

  • 14
    Lucky Pierre says:

    sanford, in my neighborhood (very caribbean), they sell soup packets in groceries that are labeled “cock-flavored” (as to avoid any confusion, there’s a drawing of a rooster). should i get you a box????